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Beauty is skin deep (but ugly goes all the way to the bone)

Since I have been off the blog roll for so long, I thought it might be time to update some of our family pictures.  That’s always a frightening introduction from me because I am not ashamed of past experiences (well, that’s not entirely true. The big haired perms in the 80’s were pretty bad…and Katie, I am so sorry for those gosh awful bows, Matt, absolutely NO EXCUSES for those glasses that allowed you to see through walls….Dan, I take no blame for the mustache you sported for years, but I can take the blame for so many pictures.)  So, all that to say, this, here are some recent pictures of some of my much loved family.  To quote a cliche, the years have not been kind to all of us….

I have gotten so forgetful lately that I finally found a neurosurgeon that would construct me a new head.  There’s only one problem.  I am twice as forgetful now.  I need even more units of Botox than before and I cannot begin to quote you the price I am having to pay to get this hair done in Buckhead. I thought it was bad before…

Dan has been working so hard lately that I think he has actually acquired a resemblance to Mr. Incredible.  Pixar Pictues has gotten in touch with him about doing a new movie this fall.  It will be about a middle aged businessman, trying to run a real estate company in the worst recession in years.  It will be “superhero” movie geared for the older generation.  This super hero will be able to fix aching backs, repair falling bladders, and have an indepth knowledge of digestive disorders.  Watch for it in a theatre near you.


Carsyn Anne has burst into our lives since I last blogged.  She will be one in September.  She is so intelligent that she fairly radiates when she crawls into a room.  We can only hope her glow is not radioactive!

And here’s my sweet girl, Katie.  She’s such a nice young lady, makes her own clothes, grows her own vegetables, and has even taken to making dyes from root and herbs in her yard.  We keep assuring her that she will lose this weight after Baby #3.  (Must admit she is a little of a disappointment to her father who always told her, “its not how you feel that matters, its how you look.”

One of my favorite cousins, Richard, was here visiting this week.  He is about to embark upon a new career.  He has a real heart for children and he wants to get a job teaching young kids.  I hope I wasn’t too brutal with him when I told him, he might want to consider sending in a resume without a photo attached.

or at least send one in before he got to be such a “pinhead”.  Bill O’Reily would have a field day with you, Richard!!!

Richard’s lovely, attractive, very smart wife, Julie, was here with him as well.  She is like a sister to me.  She is a pharmacist and we can only hope that she has not done harm to herself dispensing drugs for so many years.  (She may be asked to co-star in the movie that Dan is going to be in…can’t help but notice that she is acquiring some type of super hero crest on her forehead????)

And here are two of Julie and Richard’s beautiful   charming children, Isaiah and Abram, They left Ezra at home.  I think its sort of ovewhelming when they are all in public together.




And here is our precious Molly Kate, who just turned two.  She is “lit up” as some child behavorist might describe.  Some days we cannot decide where our little tornado comes from!!

And no photo album would be complete without a pic of my favorite son-in-law.  I told Katie it was just as easy to fall in love with a rich man as a poor man. She didn’t pay any attention to that advice and married a minister.  She did listen to her mother when I said, “look deep inside to see the worth of an individual.”  Chad has a big heart (and a bigger nose).  He also has taken to organic farming and raising small farm animals.


And my precious Charlie.  I tell him that I do not love him the most, I have just loved him the longest!  His mommy and daddy are very particular about his  viewing habits but  I am worried that his face has taken on the shape of the TV in spite of all their efforts.

asking forgiveness from my family,



Going to the chapel..and gonna get Corey married



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The Ultimate Camping Experience

I haven’t blogged in at least a year and a half.  BUT I have a new economic plan, a model that might see me on to my fortune.  Not unlike, the fabulous restaurant model that Truett Cathy started decades ago with Chick Filet.  I am going to show other grandmothers how to run a truly successful Grandmother(MawMaw/GiGi/MiMi, whatever you want to call it) Camp.  I am only charging my daughter 499.00 for four nights of what I am going to call The Ultimate Camping Experience.  (Or maybe I have it wrong, maybe I am paying her 499.00, that’s probably a very important part of a good economic model, deciding if the money is coming in or going out. ) Oh well, whatever, let me know if I can act as a consultant for you as you create your own camping experience with your grandchildren!!

Don’t be discouraged if your little camper wants M&M’s for breakfast.  (part of my model has parents signing a waiver that “what happens at MawMaw Camp stays at MawMaw Camp”).  Actually you can use the M & M’s for part of your educational curriculum, you know color recognition, sorting, etc. etc.

Spaghetti is always a great dinner for your little camper.  We have our campers strip down to their scivvys when eating spaghetti.  (Katie doesn’t like tomato stains on their clothes…Picky, Picky!)

If your campers are very young, its helpful to have a sink nearby for a quick rinse.  Those nasty spaghetti stains!!!!

If you can hire undocumented workers to help out in your camping experience, that’s great.  BUT if not, you can also solicit the help of your older children who have not contributed any children for camp yet.

If you have a pet, he/she can be great help in cleaning up after your little campers.  BUT if not, refer to above picture for custodial help!

You will certainly want your campers to bring the appropriate clothing but if they do not, then feel free to use some of the 499.00 to dress your camper in style.  Refer to above paragraph foravoiding stains during tomato based dinners.

Be sure to provide plenty of opportunities for arts and crafts.  If the campers mark on your walls or carpets, it will be precious.  (Totally unlike the experience when your children did the same thing twenty years ago~~)

The camping experience must include some instruction about God and His wonderful world.  Here my little camper is participating in my Bible study book called Managing Your Moods.  I am hopeful it will help her at those times when she throws her back out and lies down in the store and has a hissy!!!!

I like to start every morning of MawMaw Camp out with this verse repeated to my little camper, …This is the day the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it.” Psalms 118:24 (Sometimes by the end of the camping day, I may say, “dear Lord, I need more energy for this day!!)

Little girl campers love to play beauty school.  Always the emphasis is on the motto, “true beauty comes from the inside out!!!!” 

Little campers love to go shopping.  Just be sure that your camper’s purse matches her outfit!

No camping experience is complete without water fun.  Just be sure to put plenty of sunscreen on the little campers.  Don’t forget that swim diaper for the “not potty trained” camper.  You DO NOT want to be the one in the pool saying, “What is that disgusting stuff?”

With just a little planning, an iron tight waiver for parents to sign, and an abundance of love you can have your grandchildren screaming,


Thanks Katie for sharing MK with me this week.  We are having a blast!!

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That phone call that stops your heart

This afternoon I was at the mall, just browsing around when I heard Matt’s ring on my cell phone.  I picked it up, expecting to hear about what was happening in his day.  I could bearly hear him.  I could tell he was having a lot of difficulty talking.  Mostly I got out of him that he had called 911 and that he was hurting so badly.  Then the called was dropped.  Shaking so badly, with this incredible feeling that I was going to faint, I recalled his number and he was still talking to me in this weird voice.  Finally I understood him enough to know what was going on.  He had yawned and his jaw got stuck – wide open….He was in horrible pain, couldn’t swallow, not to mention the emotional  issues….such as “what in the world is the matter with me???”  He really couldn’t talk well, he just sort of utter Un-uh which was “yes.”  I kept asking him, “are you sill there?” “are the paramedics there yet?”. I just told him to keep the line open…Do NOT hang up on me.  I told him to tap on the phone every minute just to let me know he was okay.  Finally I heard the paramedics arrive at his apartment.  One of the nice guys picked up Matt’s phone, told me that he thought his jaw had just locked, and that he’d be fine.  So off they go, while I think to myself, “Do I go to the airport?”  “Do I get in my car.”  I felt so disconnected.  The paramedic promised he’d have someone call me from the hospital.  I made my way home from the mall, sort of in a daze.  Praying that Matt would be okay.  Got on the internet, researched the condition and felt better.  Well, in a little while, Matt called, speaking in a normal voice.  They had given him a shot of morphine and muscle relaxers and sort of put his jaw back together.  They told him it would have been very difficult for him to have done it on his on!!  Matt said the terrible part was that he couldn’t swallow, it hurt, and he was pretty freaked!!!  He described it as an “out of body experience.”  This is my child that won’t even take a tylenol so I am sure he got drunk pretty quick on the powerful drugs.  He’s back at home tonight and I just spoke with him. Actually he’s feeling pretty well.  His mommy told him to go to bed and get a good nights’ sleep.  Take one of those “Happy Pills” they gave you.  And this mommy just wants to be there to tuck him in, see him with my own eyes, and kiss him good night….

How old does your son/daughter get before you still believe you have the power to make it all right if you can just be there????

When I first heard Matt’s voice, I imagined all sort of possibilities:  had he had a head injury, a car accident, a stroke????  Matt is in the best physical condition he’s been in for years.  Runs everyday, has lost weight, improved his diet, but I couldn’t help but have horrible things go through my head.  Just open your mouth as wide as possible and try to have a conversation.  Not very coherent, is it????  Imagine hearing that over the phone when your baby boy lives five hours away???? 

Thank you God for keeping me from having a stroke myself this afternoon and thank you for the fine emergency team that rescued my baby boy and made him all better!!!

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It’s OK to go to the light!

(We both looked a lot younger in this picture made in 2001)

If you have talked to me in the last year, then you know how we are struggling with a very old dog.  Our family pet who Santa delivered on Christmas Eve 16 years ago is still living large here at our home.  Years ago, I heard a phrase, “Life begins when the kids leave home and the dog dies.”  It’s dark humour, but does ring with some truth.  Frizzy is a Bischon Frise and is our  first AND LAST house dog.  A member of the family, a loyal friend, a confidante, he is all of those.  BUT there comes a time when its “TIME”.  I jokingly (well, maybe not always jokingly) tell Frizzy, “It’s OK to go to the light.”  Of course, when we make the decision to bring the light on earlier OR he succumbs to the death angel, it will be hard.  BUT “to everything there is a season…”

This week was especially challenging.  We’ve had several “Frizzy issues” that I will spare you from hearing.  Well, yesterday, was just another of many.  I had been gone most of the day.  When I got home about five o’clock, I let Frizzy out.  (He has been in the habit of coming back in immediately.)  SHOCKER, I got busy and realized several hours later that Frizzy had not returned.  If you let him out the front door, he returns to the back door, barking.  If you let him out the back door, he returns to the front door, etc. etc.  (I spend a large part of each day either letting him in or out!!!)  Anyway, when I spoke with Dan on the phone, I told him that Frizzy was MIA.  Our neighbors on the left  are putting in a pool and I kept thinking that he must have fallen in there.  So with a large spotlight I went out looking for him.  Got in the car, drove around the neighborhood, calling, shining that big ole light all over the place.  Got back home and could hear him barking…..Long story made shorter.  He was in our other neighbor’s garage!!!  Walked over there, shone my light in the garage window and sure enough,  Large and IN Charge, there was Frizzy!  I called my sweet neighbor’s cell phone and told her the humiliating story.  My dog had gotten in her garage and hopefully would exit upon their arrival back home.  My neighbors are the best people on God’s green earth.  Dave Divine, our neighbor, is the lead pastor at Church of Chapel Hill.  Dave, Cindy, and their entire family have been a blessing to us for years. Truly “talking the talk, and walking the walk!” So here’s my thoughts on Frizzy’s basement escapade.  I always say “It’s OK to go to the light.”  Maybe he thought I meant the Divine’s house!  (the Divines are so aptly named!!)  They are neighbors living and walking in the light of God’s abundant grace. …….The light of God just shines all over them!

No, I can’t really make a case for taking him to the vet for his “sleepshot” based on last night’s activities….BUT one can only wonder…..Does he THINK I said go to the Divine’s light?????

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My GPS and My walk with God

Dan couldn’t wait to get me into a vehicle that had a navigation system.  I think he was tired of me calling him and crying for directions. And believe me those calls were always emotional…I was one step away from MAJOR MELTDOWN by the time I’ve called him.  He would begin with …”are you north or south of Peachtree”, “is 285 on your right or left,”, etc. etc.  Those questions just drove me crazy.  If I knew east, west, north, south, or where 285 is currently hiding out, I probably wouldn’t be calling him!!!!  He has learned through the years, NEVER tell me to turn west on Piedmont….east on 14th Street……I want simple directions like go .2 of a mile TURN RIGHT (forget north or south)….Go 3 more miles and turn left at the pinkhouse…..That’s my kind of directions.  DO NOT GIVE me a roadmap and expect me to find anything.  I love mapquest.  (I’ll admit they could leave off those first four or five directions because I am pretty sure I know how to get out of my own neighborhood!!!)  But its systematic, it tells me how far to go and when to turn and if I get it all screwed up, she will reroute me.  My Navi Lady and I have actually gotten very close.  She is like a therapist.  I can tell her anything and she always remains calm and in her never changing voice, she merely tells me to take the first legal U turn!  We don’t always speak the same dialect because when I tell her to display gas stations, she repeats, “call Sharon?” but at least she’s listening which is more than I can say for most of my passengers!!!  When I made a wrong turn, NaviLady, as I so lovingly call her, reminds me that I may be on uncharted road and the guidance system will resume (in layman’s terms)when it can figure where the heck you are!!!

Well often my walk with God is much the same way.  I pray desperately for guidance for God to show me how and what to do with my life.   I thoroughly believe if you are trying to follow God’s precepts, then the path you choose to take will be one that he will bless.  I haven’t had that blinding bolt of light that says “go to deepest darkest Africa” and love babies.  But I have definitely felt the call to do some meaningful volunteer work.  The Bible is quite clear.  We all have spiritual gifts.  I think I have unearthed mine and its time to put it to work.  BUT I know that just like my GPS reroutes me at times, so can God. He wants me in the place where I can be of the most service to Him.  He has a plan all laid out for me and I think in waiting to see the fine print, I have been dragging my legs.  So I am going to put my faith and trust in Gods’s GPS system.  If I am getting too far off course, I hope he will direct me to another road, another need, another ministry. He may send me on a complete U turn.  AND just so long as he talks to me in my lingo…turn left, look up, go next door, I’ll understand.  For too long I have sat here, hands open, palms upturned, praying that God will drop a pamphlet in my lap.  That’s not His ways. He will be my Navi Lady who will tell me when I am in uncharted waters, he will humble me when I think I am doing something great.  But most of all He wants me to be successful in my calling.  He will send me His trip. It might not be the one that “avoids expressways”, or “shortest route”. But this I believe, if I am reading my Bible, praying, trying to hear the still voice, a path will open for me.  I can only hope that I am open to listen….and ready to redirect.

The greatest ministries are not always those we plan, but rather the ones that interfere with our plans….Food for Thought!!!

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My love affair with the mouse

I am coming out in the open.  I have been having a love affair with a mouse for years.  He was originally known as Steamboat Willie when Walt Disney first introduced him to the animated world.  He’s since gotten the sophisticated name of Mickey Mouse and his very chic lady friend is none other than Minnie Mouse.  (I am assuming they are married since they share the same last name??)

Dan and I went to Disney World in Orlando as part of our honeymoon trip in June of 1977.  It was my first time to go to Disney.  The love affair begins…..



June 1977

We could hardly contain ourselves to take our kids.  As vacations were few and far between in the early years, their very first trip to Disney was when Katie was six and Matt was four.  (We were the kind of parents that would get “written up” today because we took Katie out of school for the week of Memorial Day and headed off to see the mouse.)  My thoughts were that a family trip was much more beneficial than five days in Kindergarten at the end of the school year.  I am afraid I still share those sentiments.  IF the ONLY time a working family can take their children on a much needed family vacation is during the school year, then GO FOR IT!!!  Four or five days with family conversations, fights in the back seat, nose picking at dinner, meltdowns, sugar highs and lows….well what could be better?   If nothing else, then it makes you more thankful for the school system where you can return your little darlings as soon as the vacation is over!

May 1987

Later when Katie was in the fifth grade and Matt in the third grade, we “checked out” of school for a September trip to Disney.  (Do you see a truancy problem here?)  We did a theme park a day for five days.  It was the kids’ first plane trip.  At the end of the trip, our comments were “do not tell us one more time to take small children by the hand…”  It was a great trip even though we qued up quite a lot!


September 1991

Summer 1997

Then when the kids were in middle and high school, we meandered down to Orlando a time or two.  One time we were getting off of a cruise ship, just saw the space shuttle launch, and Dan said, “Lets go over to Disney.”   Everyone was in agreement so off we went.

By this time, Dan’s little brother, Mark, was working at Disney and could get us into the park for free.  He also had tickets to “Breakfast with Mickey,” and other great perks.  That sure made the trip more enjoyable.

This picture was made at the Wilderness Lodge where we stayed last week too!

Summer of 1995



Then when Mark and Melanie married 11 years ago,  the whole family flew to Orlando for the rehearsal, the wedding, and A DISNEY TRIP (all in one weekend.)  On Sunday we went to three parks in one day.  It was in February, the exact same time we went last week for our trip.  There were thirteen of us (we had Dan’s dad in a wheelchair).  Thirteen people flying through three parks to hit the highlights.  Then racing through the airport to get the last 13 seats on the plane back to HotLanta!!!  That was a trip NOT TO BE FORGOTTEN!!!!

Such great  memories.

So as soon as Charlie was born, we started thinking about taking him to Disney.  It happened last week.  We went to Disney for five glorious days, cold weather, rain, none of it hampered our fun.  The memories we made there will last forever.  Look for upcoming blogs about our Disney fun. 

And as much as I love Mickey and I have enjoyed our love affair, I think I may also be falling for
BUZZ LIGHTYEAR.  He sure looks good in his space ranger suit!!


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Begin your day with THIS prayer

A friend just emailed this link to me.  It’s Andrea Bocelli with the Morman Tabernacle Choir singing the Lord’s Prayer.  Take five minutes, and listen to this beautiful rendition of the song that teaches us how to pray!

Religious Articles for Everyone: The Lord’s Prayer

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Memories, frames, and 8 x 10’s

I love photographs. I started putting pics into photo albums over thirty years ago.  (Of course, later learned there was an acid in those pages that gradually ate up the color!!!)  Digital photography is my love.  No more film, flashbulbs, film processing, etc.  Of course,the flip side is that I don’t have cute little photo books to show of my beautiful grandchildren. BUT also in this age of blogs, facebook, email, most of my friends have already seen way more pictures of me and mine than they care to see!!!

There are very few pics of me in my first decade of life.  It’s a long complicated story that has a happy ending but basically our mother disappeared from our lives when I was about nine years old.  The last time I saw her was just before I went into the sixth grade.  When she vanished, so did so many memories and things that only a mother can share with a child.  I did not get all my clothes, toys, belongings, nor pictures at the end of our relationship.  I wish most of all I had a box of pictures of my family in those early years.  I cherish the few pics I have.  (I always hated those days at school when someone said, “bring a baby picture of you.”  DUH….how about I just cut a cute little Gerber baby picture out of a magazine???”

This is NOT a sob story.  I have the most amazingly blessed life.  I just wish I had more pictures of me!!!  There I said it, More Pics of ME!!!  WHO WANTS THAT?  I don’t want pics of me now.  (I love to be in control and hit DELETE when a bad pic of me appears on the thumbnails!)  Just cute little baby pics.  Maybe I wasn’t even a cute baby!!!!  Anyway here are the few pictures I have of me and my brother when we were both cute and young!!!   Not exactly enough to fill up an album but just enough to fill up my heart.

As today is the 56th anniversary of my debut into this world, I am indulging myself. 

 So indulge me, hit delete, or look on!

I think I must have been quite scholarly at an early age.  Maybe I was a child mensa, learning to read at one year old?

Obviously, getting my bangs cut by a professional was NOT a priority!

Learning how to set the perfect table????

Makes even the Easter bunny blush with pride!

My big brother and me.  He could slay dragons way back then!

After my parents’ divorce, my lil grandmother just cut her out of our lives.  Literally and physically.  That’s another way.  Use the scissors and just whack out those nasty family members that cause problems…..

My bangs were not the only “whack job.”  Another scissors cut by my grandmother.  It was a different time, a different world.  Children didn’t go to guidance counselors and parents didn’t talk about things.  Scissors were one way to get rid of memories you didn’t want. 

When there are no words….

My big brother, this was probably before I was born.  Wasn’t he a doll?

Lunch at my grandmother’s house.  I inherited those blue Currier and Ives dishes. 





My dad, brother Hal, and me.  I think those are clothes racks all over the porch.  (Maybe I inherited my love of laundry from my mother!!!!)

My brother, Hal.  He was one year old here.  Quite the stud!

The only picture I have of my mother.  This was my aunt’s wedding. I was the flower girl. (that’s my mother standing behind me.)  It looks like someone should have given me an attitude adjustment!

Here’s my daddy, me, my brother, and a couch full of cousins!

  A photo can evoke a thousand memories.  Hal used to shoot me with the BB guns.  (I got to play with him if I could be the target!!! All harmless fun for kids growing up in the age when the greatest threat we had was the Russians nuking all of us! )  No one believes when I talk about the “drills we used to have in school. We practiced getting under our desks and/or running home.  Yes sir, that would keep us safe from nuclear destruction….and  the dog’s name was Rebel.  The doll’s name was Lisa and she never made the move.  I wondered for years what happened to her!

I am pretty sure we fought like cats and dogs.  (Hal’s 5 years older than me. I am also pretty sure I was his cross to bear.)  But right here we look sweet and angelic.

Last fall, I had the most amazing urge to drive to the town where I lived for the first decade of my life.  I remembered the address and I actually found the house.  It was so much smaller than I remembered but aren’t all childhood memories that way?  I will blog about that experience another day!!!!

Thanks for walking down memory lane with me!
That’s a wrap!

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Jungle Safari~Pine Mountain Style

I am not an earthy person.  If you know me at all, then you know that about me.  I don’t like to think about gross things,  I don’t want to look at gross things, and I have the absolute horror of animal fluids and excrement.

 I have a very hard time when people want to tell me about their digestive problems. I DO NOT care to discuss any sort of bowel habits, etc. etc.  So, of course, the ANIMAL SAFARI in Pine Mountain was a perfect family outing for the Cottles and me today.  Just my style…Dirty, stinking animals, (luckily none of them were having sex), MASSIVE piles of poop everywhere~ and poor dental hygiene.  Who could resist a morning like that?

BUT I have nevered laughed so hard in my life.  Katie and Chad had taken Charlie several yrs. ago but he didn’t really remember it.  AND of course, MK had no clue what was happening.

We arrived at the safari. (FREE FOR US THROUGH JANUARY BECAUSE KATIE AND CHAD are residents of Troup County.)  Katie was afraid it would be crowded but it appeared to just be us riding along in the trusty MAN-VAN and hundreds of our closest friends, the residents of SAFARI LAND.

Chad went in and purchased  three lunch sacks full of food.  It looks like long brown sidewalk chalk.As soon as the gates opened large animals were all over us,  They stand right in front of the car. They are so accustomed to vehicles and food going together so they just poke their big ole heads right in the vehicle.  They were so STINKIN’ CUTE!!!!

Horns, antlers, large tongues….HUGE noses (mostly running noses, I think a lot of them had head colds!)  We experienced it all.  It was great.  If you live close to Pine Mountain, GA., then you must take it in!

Here’s a recap of our morning at Safari Land.  (none of us moved fast enough to get the video camera out and its probably a good thing because there was so much squealing and laughing and probably inappropriate comments!!!!)

“Good morning, Sir, if you would just kindly step out of the vehicle and hand me your license and registration.”


“What kind of mileage do you get out of this cool Man-Van?”


“Any of you nice people have a Tums on you?  My breakfast didn’t sit too well.”

There were signs eveywhere that said “AGAINST THE LAW TO GET OUT OF YOUR CAR.”  Yeah, like that was really a problem with us.  WHO would get out of their car when there are large animals and their enormous piles of poop everywhere????  Plus I have never seen so many horns, antlers, and large heads!  YEP, we were law-abiding.  You couldn’t have peeled us out of the car!!!!!

These little guys look cute and harmless.  But some of them jumped on the car.  I think it might have been the goats!

A little wax, a little buffing, and several years of therapy, and we’ll all be good as new!!!!


Charlie was holding Sister’s hand.  I think the animals thought, “HHHMMM, there’s a light snack in the second row!”

“Hey, a tic-tac wouldn’t kill you, Big Guy?”

“Not our fault, all us animals are holding out for the new government health care plans that will include free dental.”

“Yep, we are all waiting for Obamacare.  We just ate the PROUD TO BE A REPUBLICAN sticker off the back of your car.”

Our family survived SNOWJAM 2010 AND ANIMAL SAFARI!  We are Cottles, hear us roar!!!


Then, on to Calloway Gardens for a quick tour of the Butterfly Center.  (just a little tamer than ANIMAL SAFARI.)

Followed by a late lunch at The Country Store.  Here are the pictures of  “The Clean Plate Club.”

Back in the Man-Van, heading for home.  Praising the Lord we made it through another family fun day!!

Thanks Cottles for including me in this fun!  Thank you God, for the magnificient animals you made to share the earth with us, thank you for the beauty of your earth,  but today, thank you mostly for the gift of laughter.  It is truly balm for the soul!!!

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Image or character?

I have the most random thoughts spiraling through my head from time to time.  Okay, ALL the time.  Today as I was driving to Moe’s (welcome to Moe’s!!!!) I couldn’t get these thougths out of my head. 

 Image v. character

I have come up with my own little acronymn for “IMAGE.”



According to one’s




I love that you can pick up a magazine and find IMAGE CONSULTANTS.  What is that all about?  Do we live in a day and age when IMAGE, NOT CHARACTER, is what we are all about?

To me, IMAGE is that personna we wear that says to the outside world,


Character is that real part of life that says “Do the right thing EVEN when no one is looking.”

So, what is the image that I present to others?  What is my real character?

I know some might say, “she’s a real character.”  Probably not a solid endorsement???
But I do believe that if I work harder on character….then the image others see will be a reflection of the character that I want to possess.

Proverbs 22

 1 A good name is more desirable than great riches;
       to be esteemed is better than silver or gold.

Ecclesiastes 7

1 A good name is better than fine perfume,
       and the day of death better than the day of birth.




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