Posted by: karenparmer | October 14, 2008

What’s in a name?

Well, here goes DAY I of blogging. I had trouble sleeping last night and just laid there and thought and thought about a name for my brand new blog.  I think I spent more time thinking of a blog name than I did a name for my children…..(I remember being in labor with Katie and we were getting ready to go to the hospital and we had NO NAME!!!  Dan and I had called Katie “Rosco” for about seven months! And then when Matt came along, all I could think about was names I didn’t like because of former students who were hard to love. Mind you, this was all back in the dark ages, when we didn’t have routine sonograms, 4D technololgy, and photos that showed the shape of the baby’s nose!  I digress……..)    So I thought and thought of names and finally realized that I would be sort of like the artist formerly known as Prince.  I will have a totally evolving name.  Unlike most of us that get stuck with a name forever….I can change my blog’s name as it strikes my mood

The current name comes from a fabulous CD from Casting Crowns.  I just bought it last week and like every new CD I purchase, I play it over and over and over…..The song SOMEWHERE IN THE MIDDLE just speaks to me. Take a few minutes and listen if you haven’t heard it.  My prayer is that I will move OUT OF THE MIDDLE and let God be the God He is instead of the God I have put in my little GOD BOX.  His ways are way too big for me to understand.

….and now I have a blog and a name, and I am ready to roll……………


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