Posted by: karenparmer | October 17, 2008

Life in the clouds

Sometimes in Dan’s job, we go to things where I feel totally like a fish out of water.  Tonight was one of those nights.  We went to an incredible evening at the Mansion on Peachtree. (It’s right across from Lenox Mall)  It was to give exposure to the residences there that are for sale.  It’s a hotel on the first 20 or 30 floors, then up to floor number 58 will be residences.  We were real tempted to buy the one we were in tonight because they only wanted 4.9 million for it.  (I am not sure I had my checkbook!)  It was on the 51st floor and we spent most of the night on the veranda.  Unbelievable view of Buckhead.  For just under FIVE MILLION you can own the whole floor.     It’s huge and you just looked down to Buckhead and out across to Midtown.  It was almost surreal.  Just made me realize how many BIG FISH there are out there.  When you get up that high you cannot hear the road rage, smell the exhaust, or see the homeless people.  Just not real.  Maybe that’s why the SUPER RICH want to live WAY up there so they can escape all of us plain folks!

My handsome date for the evening

My handsome date for the evening

Our beautiful hostess for the evening

Our beautiful hostess for the evening

Anyway, it was a fun night.  We had dinner afterwards in a great Italian restaurant in Buckhead.  I love these events but I am so glad I come home to simplicity and life I understand…I think it would be fun to be rich for a day!!  Naw, I am happy just as I am…..

See anything you like?

See anything you like?



  1. What a view! Makes me thankful that the view from Heaven will be even better!!!

  2. Nice place! Kinda reminds me of 5068..

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