Posted by: karenparmer | October 19, 2008

Fill ‘er up or just get enough gas to get to the next place….

I thought about the analogy of the latest gas crisis sort of like my faith and my dependence on God. Sometimes I just want to delve deep into my Bible and pray and  plead with God to fill me up.  Then other times I just sort of breeze into the “gas station” that is God’s word and get a couple of dollars worth.  Just enough “gas” to get me to and through the current crisis.  And God isn’t out in front of the Quik Trip waving a sign saying, “get it all right now.”  He’s just there, waiting on me.  Always waiting on me.  And the reasons I don’t always “fill it up” are laziness, distractability, belief in my own self (I got this one, God, I’ll call on you when I need you), etc. etc.   Today my prayer is that I will meet with God every day and get my tank TOPPED OFF so that I can have deep water faith in shallow and deep water.

 And in search of real gas for your real gas guzzlers out there, here’s a link that helps you to find the cheapest gas in your area.  Like you really have time to look here, then find the station with the cheapest gas.  But it SOUNDS like a good idea!!  Blessings!



  1. Awesome analogy!! Im also pretty sure that when you fill your gas tank all the way up you get more mileage than if you were to fill up $5 and $10 here and there. Pretty neat huh. Think if we allowed God to fill our tanks to the top every day what assets to His kingdom we would be (thankgoodness for grace). I struggle with the same thing. We are actually going through a mini study in our life group at church that talks about this very thing.

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