Posted by: karenparmer | October 19, 2008

Lifetime achievement award

Lifetime achievement award—that’s what we’ve been calling Dan’s award he got at our alma mater Friday night.  It was called the ACHIEVEMENT AWARD and we are so proud of him but we had to put our own little spin on it.  I always love when they do the LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD @ the Oscars.  So we teased Dan that he would be getting that.  He was awarded this at the University of West Georgia College Friday night.  (Chad and Katie, Dan’s brother, and lots of old fraternity brothers came to see him get the award.)

This was a great honor they bestowed on him.  AND his family is so proud.  While Dan has achieved a lot through his job, I think his greatest achievement is his family.  I have been blessed to be his wife for 31 plus years.  He is the consumate family man.  So this brief video is a tribute to “The Family Man.”  I think all the achivement awards you get in life don’t amount to squat if you are a failure in your own home.  Dan, I love you and am proud of your “LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD.”   Here is a why you win the award from your fam. (and this will NOT win an Oscar, I created it in thirty minutes!!)




  1. Great video for my “Lifetime Hero Award” winner!

  2. LOVE the video, you guys are such a sweet family!

  3. Karen – I am so glad you got inspired ane started a blog; I enjoy reading it. Tell Dan congratulations on his award.

  4. I am so glad that we (us girls) were surrounded by families that believe in keeping them together. You guys serve as role models to the younger generation as to how God desired and created families to be. Thank you.

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