Posted by: karenparmer | October 23, 2008

A couple of days of pure bliss

We just had the pleasure of having our little man, Charlie, at our house for two nights.  I picked him up in LaGrange Monday morning and delivered him back home tonight. Here are a few of the fun highlights of our two night “MawMay & NeeNee Camp.”  We stopped by a Pumpkin Patch on the way here Monday morning.  He loved wandering thru the pumpkins and said they were all cute.   We picked two little ones, gave a donation to the Shepherd of the Hills youth ministry, and came home to begin our fun!!!  Here is Charlie at the Pumpkin Patch.

He just OOOH's and AAHHH's over all the pumpkins

He loved the unusual pumpkins

Pumpkin Patch Fun

So many decisions.....

Finally got around today to painting our pumpkins.  Charlie told me how he wanted them to look.  Then he named them.  (I am sure Katie is going to use them as table decorations in her house:)

Signed, limited edition art pieces!

Signed, limited edition art pieces!

Precious Pumpkins

Precious Pumpkins

 Charlie is absolutely fascinated with spiders.  Sort of a love/hate relationship.  He loves the little plastic dollar store ones but not so fond of the real ones that are all over our yard (and yes, there are some who live inside too!!)   So everyday that he was here we went on a Spider Seek and Destroy Mission.  I felt sort of guilty as we found them after they had worked so hard to build their webs.  But when we found them, it was pretty much just destroy their web and beat the spider senseless with the plastic rake.

Got it, MawMaw!!

Got it, MawMaw!!

Charlie, armed for spider patrol!

Charlie, armed and ready for spider patrol

We went to Kohls, bought new shoes, some MatchBox cars and airplanes.  AND they have a super deal-a soft plush Curious George and two of his hardback books.  – Only five dollars each and the money goes to charity!  Every little child I have ever met LOVES Curious George and Charlie is no exception.  I think I read each one of the new books no less than five times each—in two night!!

Curious George Feeds the Animals

Curious George Feeds the Animals

****AND could we have been more WHITETRASH in Kohls today?  I had dressed skinny little Charlie in some long pants that were in his bag.  I knew they were adjustable in the waist but Grandmas don’t always know just how to do things.  Well, I ran into an old friend in Kohls and she was talking about how cute Charlie is, etc. etc.  And I am smiling, totally agreeing with her.  About that time, he took a few steps and his pants fell down to his ankles.  He said “MawMaw, my pants fell off!”  I took his hand to go to the car.  He had to hold one hand on his pants to keep them from falling back down!  That was a good laugh!

And all to soon, I had to load him back in the car and take him to LaGrange.  Just enough time to make a few snapshots of the original artwork that will someday be worth a fortune, I am sure!!!

Mr. Bones with his Pumpkin People

Mr. Bones with his Pumpkin People

We met Katie at Burger King, had a gourmet dinner there, let Charlie play for a while on their SUPER playground.  Katie and Charlie headed back to town to go to church, I headed back to Douglasville. 
And I am already anticipating our next time together.
Just another healthy meal with MawMaw

Just another healthy meal with MawMaw

One last hug to last for a while

One last hug to last for a while

Thanks, Katie and Chad for loaning us your greatest treasure! 





  1. I know he had a lot more fun with you guys than us!! We are looking forward to seeing y’all next week!!

  2. Curious George is Saralynn’s favorite ever! She’s loved him from the early days of watching him from her bouncy seat while we got ready in the mornings. Sigh. The good old days! And, another reason LaGrange needs a Kohl’s…

    These pictures are precious! I know Charlie had a blast. I think we’ll hire him to come take care of the spiders at our house. Saralynn isn’t the slightest bit scared of them, but couldn’t care less if they’re around, either. She picked up a granddaddy longlegs the other day and threw it- “get of my car, spider!” I was mortified.

    Loving the blog, and looking forward to seeing you and NeeNee soon,
    Mary Beth

  3. I am sure Charlie had a great time!! I know Gail and Neal can’t wait to do this wtih Baby Cone!! Charlie is getting so big I cannot believe it. I am glad you started a blog, I enjoy reading it!! We are finding out what we are having tomorrow. Make sure to check out blog to see what it is!! 🙂

  4. I know you and Charlie both enjoyed that precious time together and I love y’alls pumpkins, they ARE going to be worth a fortune one day! So cute! I laughed out loud at his pants falling down, I can just hear him saying that!!

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