Posted by: karenparmer | October 26, 2008

Living in the Past-Halloween style

When my children were little, I sort of dreaded the question, “what can we be for Halloween?”  I wasn’t always the most creative mother when it came to Halloween costumes.  So here is a recap of some of the Halloween years in my past.  (I am doing much better with my grandchild, Charlie.  I bought at least five costumes last year when they had the big clearance sale at Old Navy!!!  The problem this year for him might be, “WHICH one can I be??”  I think he is leaning towards being a lion!!!!  Look for photos AFTER Halloween to see his decision!!!  The following pictures are from a photo album that I tried to scan.  Not great quality but you will get the idea…….Apologies to my children who had to wear this stuff….


This is George and Barbara Bush.  (Katie is George and Matt is Barbara. Unfortunately Clinton won in Nov!!!)

Me in my wedding dress (a truly lovely design with an empire waist!!  oooohhhhh-scary.)  Katie was going to go out that year as a southern belle.  It turned very cold and she ended up just greeting our little goblins at the door.

Spider Man and a clown.  The spider man costume was really pajamas and the clown costume had been around for years.  Not too much thought or preparation here!!


Again, the clown costume was a “family heirloom” and I think Katie was a gypsy.  Matt was too little to go out trick-or-treating.  This was way back in the days when there was NO church fall festivals!!!


My poor kids—this was an extremely tacky year!!!

Katie’s first costume.  One of those totally plastic creations, probably from K-Mart!

Again, there are no words.  Just apologies to my kids.  I promise I will do better for my grandkids!!!

Vampire and witch–what was I thinking???

Sort of seeing a pattern here–there’s the trusty old clown costume!!!  Matt was a monster.  I did love that little play outfit.  It had a blue tail.  And the front said “Monsters need love too.”

Teachers were always encouraged to “dress up” too.  I think I must have been a Braves player, Katie a baby and it was Matt’s turn to wear that great clown get-up!

The kindergarten team dressed up as residents of a retirement home.  We had a lot of fun that year.  All day long we were in “character.”  One of the team members dressed up like a man and she was the resident “dirty old man”, always pinching the ladies!!! And the kids, well Matt was an army man, and Katie was a  gypsy again???

Actually these were some of the better costumes.  BUT, Katie, a devil and Matt, a toy soldier?   The good news is that I might not have thrown these together at the last hour!!:)

We always had lots of fun on Halloween in spite of the bad costumes.  Got lots of good candy (that I always checked for razors and poison —that really meant I went thru it and got out all the good chocolate!) Katie never really loved candy.  She just wanted to come home and eat vegetables.  Now Matt, he IS a child after his mother’s own heart.  He would see how much he could stuff in his mouth and hide before I confiscated it.  So many fun memories.  AND again, apologies to my children.  I vow my grandchildren will NEVER have to wear such tacky stuff!!!



  1. Karen! Mom and I are sitting here laughing out loud at these pics…mostly because we have our own stack of pictures just like this!!! Mom remembers the George & Barbara Bush costume year! Must have been an FBC Fall Festival!!

  2. Katie may rethink her push for you to blog. HAHA! Don’t worry, ours were just as bad, but I had the coke bottle glasses to go with them all, so it’s ok. Mine have you beat!

    Can’t wait to snap another picture of Charlie and Saralynn together. A lion and a black kitty… what better pair?! 🙂

  3. I am thankful I am not in any of those pictures!!

  4. I always knew Katie and I had to be sisters. I never ate my halloween candy either, I gave it all to my friends and some to Mom and dad. No wonder everyone wanted to be my friend at Halloween! 🙂

  5. LOL I am supposed to be getting all our garb ready for TrunkorTreat tonight. But instead, I’m looking at old Halloween pics!!!! They are PRECIOUS!!!
    Much love to you! Linzie 🙂

  6. I love all the outfits. I’m sure my mom dressed us up in some doozies too.

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