Posted by: karenparmer | October 30, 2008

The Lion King, aka Charlie Cottle

This blog will show that I am true to my word, “MY GRANDCHILDREN WILL HAVE CUTE HALLOWEEN COSTUMES.”  Charlie and Katie came to town to attend the fall festival at our church last night.  Charlie, the Lion King, roared his way through the evening.  We had a great time.  Here are some pictures of the good times.  It was pretty cold but I think Charlie was snuggly warm in his lion outfit.  Now Katie and I were like popsicles! 


Just stand there and look cute and you’ll fill your candy bag up quickly!

At the “trunk or treat” area.  Why does Mickey Mouse have fangs, MawMaw?

Baby Cakes, the clown, who made Charlie a yellow balloon lion.


My dear lifelong friend, Carol, and her grandbaby boy, Holden.

Holden’s precious little sister.  She was Pebbles and he was BamBam.  Just too cold to see how cute they both looked.

Katie, Charlie, and Tiffany.  Tiffany’s car was decorated in a Christmas theme for “trunk or treat.” 

Vivienne was a gypsy fortune teller.  I wonder if she could have told Charlie some lottery numbers (or at least some good stock advice!!)


I enjoyed seeing all the little kids dressed up last night. Friday night I’ll probably give out candy for the first hour or so, then turn out my lights.  When the trick or treaters start driving themselves to the house, mutter “trick or treat” and shove a pillowcase up for candy, I am over it!!!!  Who needs a pillowcase full of candy??  Whoa, I am starting to sound like my grandmother!!!! 




  1. Charlie was the cutest lion I have ever seen. I bet he loved his costume too!! What a fun night!

  2. Charlie’s costume is AWESOME!!! He looks adorable.

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