Posted by: karenparmer | October 31, 2008

Welcome to the world, Ben Moore

My niece gave birth to our newest family member born Halloween morning at 12:01.  (She said she would have pushed harder for him to come out NOT on Halloween if she had been aware of the time!!!)  But I think a Halloween birthday would be fun. One thing for sure, there will always be a party on his birthday. 

My new great nephew’s name is Benjamin Harris Moore (my brother, the proud grandpa has affectionately nicknamed him “Paintchip”  (…..Benjamin Moore paint….)  He is absolutely beautiful, a healthy little boy, weighing almost seven pound with beautiful dark hair.  My niece will have her hands full because she has a little boy that is fourteen months old.  So basically she has two babies!!  Here is our little Benjamin Harris Moore.  Welcome to the world.  (I got to hold him and he still smells like heaven!!)

Of course, I had to peel back the blankets and look at his sweet little body.

One set of proud grandparents, my brother, Hal and sister-in-law, Pauline.


New Mommy Kelly and her precious bundle.



  1. Great new pictures! So glad they are doing great! Her hands will be full but her heart will be even fuller! 🙂 In about 18 months she will be so glad they are so close! Isabelle and Grayson LOVE being 15 months apart!

  2. Thanks for sharing those pictures. He is absoulutely PRECIOUS! I am so excited for Kelly! I cannot believe the boys will be that close. That will be fun when they get older. 🙂

  3. Thanks for sharing! Welcome to the family PAINT CHIP!

  4. Ben is beautiful, we will continue to pray for him.
    Love and Prayers,
    Neal and Gail

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