Posted by: karenparmer | November 2, 2008

Sunday afternoon-update for our little Ben

We went to Children’s Hospital today after church.  (It was our church’s 15th Homecoming Anniversary and it was a great service, although I fought back tears through the whole service and the luncheon afterwards!)  Ben is scheduled for heart surgery tomorrow morning at eleven o’clock.  His problems are: a collapsed aorta, two small holes in his heart, and a “clicky” valve.  That was very medical sounding, I know.  BUT the good news is that right now he is NOT scheduled for open heart surgery.  The aorta is what they are planning on fixing tomorrow.  There is hope that the holes in his heart and the valve issue will NOT require surgery.  If so, that will be open heart surgery and will happen later.  Our prayer right now is that his problem will be fixed with tomorrow’s surgery and that will be the end of this little fighter’s cardiac problems.  We did not go back into the NICU to see Ben.  Kelly and Great say its heartbreaking because I think he has a gazillion (is that a medical term?) tubes, wires, monitors, etc coming from his little six pound body.  We are so blessed to live in a time when Ben’s problem can be assessed, diagnosed, and fixed.

We covet your prayers.  Specifically we ask for healing for our little guy, wisdom and discernment for the medical team, and peace and assurance for his mommy and daddy.  They are trying so hard to be brave.  I will update tomorrow when I get home from the hospital.  We anticipate the procedure to last for four-five hours.  (The surgery itself is less than two hours if all goes well, but there’s the prep time and the recovery.)

There’s a song that keeps running through my head,  “When you can’t trace His hand, trust His heart.”  God will be revealed through this if we allow Him to be.  Thank you for the prayers.



  1. Praying so hard for the little guy! I can not even imagine what Kelly must be feeling. God bless her! We are looking forward to having Charlie play with us tomorrow! Let us know if there is anything we can do!

  2. Praying so hard for little Benjamin – and for his sweet parents- I can’t imagine what they are going through!!

  3. Prayers sent. Give everyone a hug for me!

  4. God of All Comfort,

    I find myself wanting to pray for You to hold Ben, to work a miracle in Ben’s life, to give Your peace to Ben’s family, but I know that You’re already doing all of those things and more. So, I pray… GOD, CONTINUE TO BE WHO YOU ARE. Be glorified! Shine brightly through the members of this precious family that others will experience YOU through them!

    Thankful to know YOU, and this precious family,
    Mary Beth

  5. I am praying for this precious little baby boy, for his precious parents and all of the family. I can understand some of what you all are going through at this time, and I know how hard it is to wait. I’m praying that you will KNOW that God is right there with you through every step of this journey.
    In Christ’s great love,

  6. Thanks for the update Karen. Lance and I have been praying for Kelly, Baby Ben, and your whole family. What a scary thing!! We know that God has a hand in this situation and will let all of you feel his comfort during this difficult time. Give Kelly a big hug for me; I cannot imagine what she is going through. I know we are far away, but if there is anything we can do let us know. We will keep sending the prayers. 🙂
    Lance and Kim Cone

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