Posted by: karenparmer | November 2, 2008

Update and prayer request for Ben

Little Ben was helicoptored over to Children’s Hospital last night.  He is stable and his signs are good.  They are going to do heart surgery on him probably Monday.  The reason for the delay is that they want to be sure he remains stabalized and they also want to assess any other problems so they know exactly what they are going to do.  Its also a good thing they have Ben stabalized because now the surgery does not have to happen so quickly.  (Well, at least that’s my unmedical understanding.   We were up all night with phone calls, text messages, voice mails, etc to each other so I may not have all the info correct.)  When we last spoke to my brother in the middle of the night, he said that the doctors are confident that Ben will be fine.  This procedure is not common, but its not all together uncommon.  Babies from all over the state are flown here for this procedure.  So we do have the advantage of this being somewhat close by!!  Kelly and Great will leave Northside Hospital today.  If Ben has his surgery tomorrow, he should remain in the hospital five to seven days.

I think I have cried out all the tears I have.  I just ask that you pray for Ben, pray for his parents, grandparents,  other family and friends.  Please pray for the doctors and the team that will go to Ben’s little heart via his back.  I already feel like this baby is bathed in prayer. 

Thank you for praying.



  1. We are praying for Ben, and his Momma and the rest of your family!

    We love your daughter and I love your blog and you are my HERO in the CREATIVITY DEPARTMENT!!


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