Posted by: karenparmer | November 4, 2008

Thanks for the prayers!!!!

Little Ben had a good night.  His mommy and daddy slept on real beds and I think everything is as good as the doctors hoped for.  They are gradually weaning him off the ventilator.  When he is out of ICU (hopefully only a few more nights) they will go to a “stepdown” room where Kelly and Great can room with him.  Kelly was rather apprehensive just before Ben’s birth about the sleepless nights with a newborn and a fourteen month old that often likes to party in the middle of the night.  Now she is so anxious for Ben to be well, to take him home, and to party all night long with her two little boys!!


Here are some pictures of the family.  We still covet your prayers for Ben, his parents, and big brother.




Chad, Katie, Charlie, Big Brother Sam, Great, and Kelly last Christmas


Charlie and “Sambo” last Halloween.  Charlie always tries to pick him up!


Sam and Charlie Fourth Of July ’08


Our little guys getting clean this past summer


 Sam’s First Birthday in August-Charlie just can’t get enough lovin’ from Sambo!

And last, but not least, Ben with his great grandmother, GG Dolly.  As you can see by the pictures, we love getting the boys together and we cannot wait to throw Ben into the mix and watch them have “little boy fun.”  We already have their look alike Christmas PJ’s for GG Dolly’s Christmas photo/Christmas card!!!  I just know we’ll have a picture this Christmas of our little miracle guy with big brother, Sam and Cousin Charlie!!


This was made on Friday when he was just hours old.  Little did we know the drama that was ahead.

I made this montage back in the summer to celebrate Charlie and Sam’s first year together.  Katie posted it on her blog back then.  But if you are really bored…..I give you

Sam and Charlie-the First Year (the one for next year will include Ben!!)





  1. What special memories! I know each one is treasured… Your family truly has its own reason to celebrate the little moments in life. If nothing else, God has used this situation to remind me that the same question over and over again or the constant calling of my name will one day be replaced by an aching in my heart to have those moments back. Thank you, Ben, for being an instrument used by God to remind me of what’s really important!

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