Posted by: karenparmer | November 6, 2008

Praises & P.E.D.S.

First of all a big shout out in praise—Baby Benjamin Harris Moore came off the ventilator tonight and is breathing on his own.  THIS is huge.  We are so thankful for all the prayers.  I was talking to Katie while ago and she said she mentioned something about Ben and Kelly to Charlie…just a casual remark after hanging up the phone….Charlie told her he had been praying for Ben all day!  What a precious prayer that must have been to God!!  I have no idea the number of prayers that have been and continue to be raised for Ben but on behalf of our whole family, let me say THANK YOU, THANK YOU!


Now about P.E.D.S……I have seen, listened to, heard, all the political banter I can take for now.  And I refuse to bore you with more of it on my blog.  But I just want you to be aware of my newest ailment. (Its my ailment so I can name it, can’t I?) Its called  Post Election Depression Syndrome.  I am fairly certain its contagious.  As it is time to choose my insurance for the next year, I am looking for one that will cover PEDS.  So far, I have been unsuccessful so I am choosing a homeopathic approach to healing.  Lots of faith in who is really in control, followed by prayers for our country will help.  Also a double dose of humour is great for temporary relief…….

Here’s one of my favorite Youtube videos.  I just love to hear this little guy laugh.  And his facial expressions are great.  So I am watching it one more time, then off to bed and tomorrow my P.E.D.S. will be better:)



  1. karen,

    I am thrilled that Ben is doing so well. Please tell Kellie that we are thinking and praying for her precious family.

    I love the You Tube, a baby’s laugh is always a special gift.

    Love Gail

  2. Karen you are too funny with the PEDS. I love reading your blog during Ava’s naptime(which is becoming shorter these days). I will continue to pray for baby Ben and definately kiss my baby.

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