Posted by: karenparmer | November 9, 2008

Happy Birthday, Dan!!

Dan was born three months early (practically unheard of way back in the old days!)  The doctors more or less told Mr. and Mrs. Parmer just to take him home, make him comfortable, and see what happens.  Well life is what happened because Sunday is his 58th birthday.  He never suffered any health problems usually associated with premature birth.  He was the most beautiful little baby, so olive and even chubby by his first birthday. 
He has been my best buddy for 31+ years.  Happy Birthday, Dan!!!

Such a cute little guy!

Dan is on the first row.  Can you find Waldo Dan?

Mrs. Parmer always made her kids’ birthday cakes and dressed them up for the day!



Charlie gives the best birthday hugs of all!!!

 A Ben Update—

Dan just got the best present!!!  We just got the word that our little Ben is out of the NICU.  He is now in a “stepdown” room with his mommy and daddy tonight.  He still has a feeding tube but he is taking a bottle also.  Please continue to pray for Ben and his family.  What a blessing friends and family have been!!!






  1. Tell Dad Happy Birthday from us!! I am so glad Baby Ben is doing well. We will continue to pray for them. Thanks for keeping us updated. Please tell Kelly I said hello.

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