Posted by: karenparmer | November 10, 2008

Musings on a musical veteran

We went to LaGrange Friday and spent two nights with Chad, Katie, and Charlie.  We went to see Mr. Parmer sing at a nursing home Friday afternoon.  He is in a little singing group with two or three other senior citizens.  They sing every Thursday morning and then twice on Fridays–three different nursing homes in two days!!!  Now that’s a touring group.  Especially considering their age.  Mr. Parmer will be 89 in January. But, that’s his ministry!!  He enjoys it a lot but its exhausting because they sing for well over an hour at each venue (nursing home). 

Dan borrowed Chad’s video camera.  You can hear Charlie chirping in the background.  Mr. Parmer wanted to sing this song for us.  They didn’t have the music or anything for it but he just stood there and sang his heart out.  The nursing home residents love this man!!!  He’s the Andy Williams on the Senior Circuit!!!!



Charlie loves his G.G. Earl (great granddaddy Earl) and the feeling is mutual.  Here’s a picture of GG reading to Charlie.  (Keep in mind that the dear man is practically blind with macular degenerative disease.)  But he’s reading to Charlie anyway!!!  These pictures were made on Saturday-Georgia Game Day and both were game day clad!


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