Posted by: karenparmer | November 16, 2008

Santa Claus-already?

Well, its been officially Christmas season for several weeks now. There’s a Santa in Arbor Place Mall.  I heard he arrived the day after Halloween????  All economic forecasters are predicting a horrible Christmas for retailers so I guess they have to do whatever it takes to “get you in the Christmas shopping mood.”  But I have to say, it does work for me.  Charlie and I made a quick trip to the mall yesterday morning.  As we shopped around, lots of stores had Christmas music playing, Christmas trees are up, and lights are twinkling.  Last year Charlie didn’t want anything to do with “HO HO” so we’ve been really talking him up for this holiday season.  As we were walking down the mall, a very skinny Santa in Picture People talked to Charlie.  He liked him for a minute but as soon as he realized he was talking to Santa, he sort of drew back to me.  I mean this Santa needed to go down to Chick Filet and grab a chocolate milkshake (maybe two…)

Then the Santa in the middle of the mall was the very next person we saw.  I told Charlie, “gee, there’s Santa again.”  I wonder if he thinks it odd that there were two Santas in his field of vision!!!!   Probably not!!  We waved to the one in the mall (once we finally got his attention….he was so busy talking to the cute little Santa helpers that we didn’t make much of an impression on him!!!)

But on a sad note, I called the Santa who came to our house last Christmas to see if he would come again this year.  He told me that he so wished he could but that he was being treated for cancer.  He was the sweetest Santa.  Our whole group of family and friends loved him (well, not Charlie!)  So when you say your prayers, just pray for Santa.  I honestly don’t even know his name, I just call him HoHo when we talk on the phone.   But God knows his name!  Here’s some of my favorite photos from our party last year.


Charlie was getting sleepy so I thought it would be so cute for Santa to help put him to bed.  Not such a good idea on Charlie’s part.cimg0987

Charlie showing Ho Ho his Nativity set.  (Always the preacher’s kid!!!)


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