Posted by: karenparmer | November 24, 2008

Got me!!!

This afternoon I was being so lazy, just sort of napping downstairs.  Dan was out playing golf and I was getting out a few Christmas decorations and decided I needed a little catnap!!  Matt called me and said he was heading home to Charleston from Greenville where he had been for a weekend soccer tournament.  I was half-asleep on the sofa and I said a quick prayer that he would have a safe trip home.  A few minutes later, I heard the garage door open and I thought it was Dan just putting his golf cart back in the garage.  The door opened and Dan said, “Guess who I found in the driveway!!!”  It was Matt, home from Charleston to surprise us for a Thanksgiving visit.  I am so excited.  I was sort of bummed out that I wouldn’t get to see my baby boy for Thanksgiving and now he is here!!!  We are going to have a great week because Dan is taking some time off and we’ll have good times.  Katie, Chad, and Charlie will be here Thanksgiving night so I will have my whole crew here for a few nights.  I am so thankful to have my family here with us for Thanksgiving!!!



  1. Congrats Karen!!

  2. That is such a good surprise! Enjoy your time together! 🙂 Thanks for bringing Charlie over this weekend. He has the cutest personality. We loved seeing him.

    Lance and Kim

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