Posted by: karenparmer | December 2, 2008

The Empty Nest Syndrome-three years later!

Katie has been married for four plus years.  Matt has been living in Charleston for over two years.  But for just a few days during Thanksgiving they were both here. (along with Chad and Charlie, of course!!)  It was so much fun.  Katie and Charlie were here for most of the previous week.  Matt surprised us by coming home last Sunday.  So for two weeks our house was humming.  Then on Saturday night,  we closed the door as they left and it was Dan and me.  We always enjoy the calm after the storm but for some reason I was sad all day yesterday.  I love my kids more than anyone in the world.   I am so glad they have their own lives but the quiet along with the never ending rain made me sad yesterday.   So Dan and I went to the movies–actually we did a MOVIEATHON!  We saw FOUR CHRISTMASES and AUSTRALIA.  I had severe fanny fatigue after two movies but we had fun.  Too much popcorn and a huge bladder bursting coke!!!  Go see Four Christmases!!  It will make you smile.  Now Australia is an EPIC–almost three hours long!!  Then we came home and Dan gave me lessons on how to use the wii Fit.  That was comical!!  Dan and I have so much fun together.  I am blessed that he knew my heart was sad yesterday and he knew it wasn’t personal.  Just one of those “mama moments.”  The greatest gift a man can give his kids is to love their mother!!!


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