Posted by: karenparmer | December 5, 2008

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas—just not at my house…..

I have watched way too many Christmas movies. I envision a beautifully decorated home with fresh evergreens permeating the air, sweet cinnamon and spice smells coming from a warm oven.  Beautiful packages all tied up with gold and silver ribbons (and inside each box is just the perfect thing for a grateful recepient.)    Every now and then, the doorbell rings and its a group of beautifully dressed little children with shining faces.  They sing beautiful songs about the birth of Christ.  When they leave, they shout, “Merry Christmas.”  (no “Happy Holidays” lip-service to this group of merry-makers.)  Occassionally a few of them come in for Hot Chocolate (AND not the Nestle “just add hot water” stuff!!!!!)  I am sitting at a table writing Christmas cards to friends and family.  And of course the Christmas cards have pictures of the six of us all sitting  looking at the camera smiling and posing perfectly……….  Just a scene from a Norman Rockwell book….

But here’s the reality. I DO have one tree up.  (Thanks to Chad for putting it up for me.)  There’s no fir or pine smell as this tree was made in China in a factory, not by God on a tree farm.   The only smell is the slightly lingering odor of burned green beans from dinner tonight.  (I drained them, put them back on the stove eye that was turned WAY UP!!)  The next thing I know, the smoke detector is going off, the fire department and security system have called…..No fire, just smoke…..  I have a few gifts under the tree.  I bought these boxes at Macy’s that are already wrapped, have tissue, and ribbon inside. You just open them, put the gift in, and voila……Not very Martha Stewart looking.  There’s no cinnamon or ginger smell cooking but I did buy some Hershey bars with almonds on sale at Kroger today.  Haven’t seen any Christmas carolers yet but I don’t think I could hear them unless they knocked the door down.  Dan is working out with the wii fit downstairs, has the surround sound so loud that this level of the house is actually vibrating!!!   I really meant to get a picture worthy of a Christmas card during the Thanksgiving holidays when we were all here together but that never happened.  I do have a few recent pictures of Dan, Frizzy, the 15 year old stinky dog, and me.  That would work!!!!   And if I do get around to doing Christmas cards, I’ll probably computer print the labels, have the cards done, and the only personalization will be my fingerprints on them!!! 

But this Christmas is real.  It’s us.  It’s (as Katie is fond of saying) “how we roll around here.”  I think I will go in the kitchen and make myself a great cup of hot chocolate.  (and its not exactly Nestle in a cup, it’s our new  Bosch coffee system , so its a slight upgrade from Nestle or Swiss Miss….)  Life is good and Chrismas is the song in your heart.   Right now I can’t hear my song real well because the teen-agers next door just arrived home and they have this bass system in their car that you actually feel before you hear it.



  1. Mama, I am so laughing!!! At the Cottle house we are rolling with our Christmas Trees at the front door and the extremely large pumpkin just feet away!!! nice, huh?

  2. Dear Santa,

    We are very eagerly awaiting the arrival of new born Jesus Christ (our Savior) to this world.

    Wish you a merry Christmas!

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