Posted by: karenparmer | December 8, 2008

Go to Memory Lane, turn right, and STOP!!!

I have spent WAY too much time this weekend looking at old Christmas pictures.  This has got to stop.  I have things to do now.  Live in the present, (GO out and buy PRESENTS!!)  So this madness stops right here today!!  But before it does, I am going to share these memories.  One thing I have learned is that today’s fashion is tomorrow’s joke.  So here’s an apology to Katie and Matt right up front.  If the clothes I put on you hurt your self-esteem or damaged your psyche, I am soooo sorry.  The damage done has made you stronger adults.

Here’s to old times and great memories!!!

vtop014Christmas at Grandma’s.  I can still remember that green Beverly Hills shirt.  It was way cool!!!  And Matt’s glasses were really spy glasses that allowed him to see through walls.


My two little angels-at least for the moment!!!


I thought this cat was Rascal, our cat of about seven years.  BUT maybe not.  Matt was so fond of that Ninja Turtle.  I think his name was Raphael.


There were always little cousins to play with at Granny’s house.  Here’s Jenna and Becca!  I think I made that bow in Katie’s hair.  I always made bows to coordinate with the outfits.  I hope those weren’t too scarring, Katie!!!


We thought the “perm” would never grow out.  What  kind of mother would have chemicals put on a child’s hair???


The Singing Christmas Trees were a kindergarten Show-Stopper for years.  I think those lovely creations finally were thrown away but not before about five or six years of kids wore them!!!!


Oh Katie, can you ever forgive me?  I actually made this sweatshirt dress.  It was an original, wasn’t it Baby Girl?  Surely no one else on the planet had one of these.  Again, a lovely handmade bow accompanied the ensemble.  Matt, you were luckier.  No handmade outfits for you!!!


I think we must have been practicing for the cover of  Family Circle Magazine or something like that.  I am just so wishing I still had that lovely peach creation hanging on the wall!!!


OOOPS, Matt, spoke too soon about the handmade creations because here you are wearing a handpainted sweatshirt made by your loving mom.  AND Katie’s hair, still chemically enhanced!!!


Oh my gosh, they both have on handmade creations!!!  I wish we had saved these.  I think they might be worth a lot of money by now.


This is the real Santa!


This was the year Santa Claus brought Frizzy.  AND he is still alive and well fifteen years later!!!

crop3Poor Matt with a December 17th birthday always had his birthday gifts wrapped in Christmas paper.  My brother Hal and his wife , Pauline, always gave Matt underwear as one of his gifts.  It was a long-standing fun tradition!!crop5

When Katie was in Kindergarten, we still had a religious Christmas program in public school.  This was the last year we were allowed to do that so we always said Katie retired the role as the virgin Mary. 



My sweet mother-in-law, Zephine Parmer, who passed away two years ago about this time of the year.  (I think she was wearing one of those lovely handpainted sweat shirts.)  These were fun times!

My navigation system has said “I have reached my destination.”  I am officially off of Memory Lane, but oh what a trip it has been!!!



  1. How funny! What a great blog. I remember those christmas tree costumes from arbor station. And mom got me and my sisters the sweatshirt dresses too! LoL!

  2. Don’t worry. I had the perm from that bad place, too, but with big coke-bottle glasses to go with it.

    My motto is, no matter how the hand-painted stuff looks now, our Mommies cared enough to take time and make them for us, and I’m sure Katie feels the same way!

  3. Love looking at the pics! Please,please,please tell me the matching bows haven’t damaged Katie! Reagan has had a matching bow in her hair every day since she was one!!!

  4. MORE, MORE, MORE!! I am still laughing hysterically………..more at your commentary than the actual pictures! I just love it……..isn’t it fun to look at old pictures? Katie still makes some of the same faces, especially one that she is giving Matt while they are sitting with Santa. LOVE THEM ALL!

  5. I demand that you remove that horrid pic right away……….it is doing severe damage to my reputation as a hip chick.

    • Don’t mess with me. I can really bring you down, I have some photos that only a mother would love……SO be nice.

  6. Just have to say that I’m right there with you sister! Not only did my kids have the painted Christmas shirts, we had cross stiched and sequin Christmas sweat shirts! I’ll just have to share some of those pics with you some day! Oh sweet memories!!!!

  7. Karen,
    You have made my evening! I am by myself and can not stop laughing. I love the different hairstyles. I have had some styles very similar. Gail

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