Posted by: karenparmer | December 9, 2008

If I can dish it out, I can take it….

In the true spirit of good sportsmanship, its only fair to make fun of myself after showing all those Christmas pictures of my kids.  I was looking for something in the basement this morning when this box of pictures dumped out on the floor.   As I was putting them back in the box, I had the thought, “WHY did I ever save these ghastly things?”  I feel fairly certain just having that box in the basement has warded off all sorts of evil spirits!!!

As a classroom teacher for the better part of twenty years, Picture Day was always a big event.  Many years I did not have my picture made and as you see these photos, you will understand why.  Please know that the teacher’s packets were pro-bono. I would NEVER have purchased these beauties.   I think its a parent’s duty to ALWAYS purchase your kids school pictures and exclaim about how beautiful they are.   Now these are pictures that NOT even a mother could love….

I think this must have been the day I was teaching shapes to my kindergarten kids.  The shape of the day was triangle.  And the Peter Pan collar actually was aerodynamic.  It enabled me to fly.


This delightful 100 percent polyester outfit was guaranteed to be fire retardent, stomach virus retardent, and  this collar was actually a glider for those days with the perfect amount of wind on the playground.scan0023

For absolutely NO MORE COST, you could go and get your own school-age children, drag them to the media center, and include them in your “free packet.”  I am sure Matt had to go to the guidance counselor’s office after several years of this abuse.  He did however, have on his glasses  which allowed him to see through the walls of the girl’s restoom stalls.




I can honestly say that the cream colored outfit was only enhanced by the authentic stone wall and  Shroud of Turin background.

scan0027This photo was made during an especially lean time at the Parmer household.  Dan nor I had a pillow so we had to use my hair on which to rest our weary heads at the end of the day.  That might have been the beginnings of our neck problems. Some nights Katie and Matt and the dog were all able to use it for a pillow as well.

scan0029The overly processed blonde hair was softened by the school marm blouse and earrings, and coordinating broach.  (Who under 95 years old wears a broach????


This must have been during “D WEEK” in Kindergarten.  D for duck and D for downright awful hair!  Too bad the  corduroy skirt doesn’t show, it had more of those yellow ducks all along the bottom of it.


Is it possible that Matt is wearing the same shirt I had on in previous photo???  Oh surely not.  The lovely blue creation I am wearing was handmade and done up in silver glitter paint by yourstruly!!!

scan0025This was made back in the days of NO AIR CONDITIONING in my elementary school.  I probably had to yank that scarf off my neck and wipe the sweat that poured off of us as we strived to survive in the heat. (Pre marriage days as I am wearing only an engagement ring….and Dan still wanted to marry me.)


All I can say is POLYESTER reigneth!!scan0037I was pregnant and I suppose I was looking for that sweet innocent glow of young motherhood.  What other reason would I have had the “Little House on the Prairie” blouse on and those wings on my head???


This must have been a particularly trying year in Kindergarten?  I was going through

 my prison warden look phase.

scan0028…to be followed by the “old maid schoolteacher” look.  Check out those coordinating

earrings—and another broach!!!!


Now I have to be secure or crazy to put this horrible thing out here for public view!


We all wanted Farrah Fawcett hair back in those days.  Obviously I didn’t get it.

fdaIt wasn’t enough to just go get one of my children and humiliate him/her, No it was an all-sing!!


Words just cannot do this justice..

Okay, that’s enough humiliation for anyone for one day. 





  1. You may have just been the one to knock my kidney stone loose!!!
    That was so much fun- keep them coming!

  2. Hahahahaha, I have studied this entire day for finals, and that’s honestly the first time I have enjoyed today! Can you get my mom’s pictures and do those next? You could make some pretty good jokes about the ones when she permed her hair and dyed it jet black. 🙂 xoxoxo

    • Anna, you just get the pictures to me and the rest is history……Your mom’s history!!! It could be your Christmas gift to her!

  3. I loved the pics. I was cracking up. I was even showing my friends that live down here in Alabama and don’t know you and they were laughing. That was great. Now I know you got some good ones of me Karen don’t get any ideas. Just kidding.

  4. Hi Karen,
    We don’t know each other, but I “borrowed” one of your posted pictures for a Photoshop lesson. It was the one with the Farrah Faucett hair. I borrowed it because of your terrific smile.

    I’m done with the lesson, so I thought I’d send you a copy of finished project. You can download it from my website here:

    For the record, I will remove your photo from my website in one week, earlier if you request that I do so.

    Peace to you and yours!

    James O’Brien

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