Posted by: karenparmer | December 11, 2008

Limited Time only-Act quickly!

Refer to previous blog to make your selection!!!

Oh what fun I have had with the old school pictures.  And you, my beloved readership are so supportive.  So because of your overwhelming support of the pictures, I am going to have a very limited public offering of them.  (You realize I have sheet and sheets of them—remember they are school pictures!!)

Send a stamped self addressed envelope and your remittance right away to receive your limited edition photos.

Remit to:

No More Mothz

1900 Melody Lane

New York, New York

These photos work much better than moth balls and leave no lingering odor to

 embarrass you in front of your friends.

I have been told they will also get rid of squirrels in your attic if that is a problem for you.

Many satisfied customers have used them to line bird cages.  The uses are limited only by your imagination.

Act quickly-at these prices, they won’t last.

Limit-six per household.

1  8×10-$78.00

2  8×10-$25.00

3   8 x 10-$3.50

1 wallet size-$2.50

1 5 x 7 – $1.25

or if you would like for me to hand select your photos and glue them onto an 11x 14 collage, I will be glad to do that.  But act quickly if you want to receive this limited edition offer in time for holiday gifts.

(All proceeds will be used to help pay for Botox for patients who cannot afford it.)



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