Posted by: karenparmer | December 23, 2008

My Electronic Christmas Card

Well this is the first year since I was sixteen that I have not sent out Christmas cards.  I am dealing with some health issues that I may or may not blog about later.  But I just couldn’t seem to ever get the Christmas card fever this year.  As I would not want the word Scrooge attached to my name, I have decided that I will do my first ever Electronic Version of a Christmas Card.  I have never done a “Christmas letter” but I thought ….there’s a first time for everything.  So here is …..(and read no further if you don’t know me and my twisted sense of humour….I have never done a Christmas letter because ours would be so boring .  I have chosen the road less traveled, the one of personal embellishment!!

The Parmer 2008 Christmas Letter

We rang in 2008 with an intimate dinner party with some of dear friends we have met on our world travels.  I could not wait to try out some of the recipes that I had gotten when I attended the Sorbonne Cooking Mini-mester last winter.  And of course Dan wanted an opportunity to bring out some of his favorite wines we’d gathered when we were in the south of France in the summer.  Our table gleamed with the beautiful reflections of our friends faces as we thoroughly enjoyed ringing in 2008. 
January 2008 brought us the first snowfall of the year.  We were housebound for several days which gave us an excellent opportunity to watch our new 60 inch plasma tv.  We watched some of the professional videos that we had made on our travels last year.  I always say, “If you are going to take a great trip, at least carry along a photographer to capture the moments for you.”

The beautiful south is bathed in colour in the spring and this year was no exception.  We had our yard completely relandscaped by a professional who also is groundskeeper for the Biltmore property in Asheville.  What a delightful guy he is. He is fluent in seven languages and I found myself picking up quite a bit from him in the eight weeks he worked for us. 

Well nothing says spring like a good dose of spring cleaning so we just decided this year to do away with all of our old furniture and purchase new.  We have been on several whirlwind trips abroad in an effort to furnish our home.  Did you ever just wake up one morning and say, “All of this furniture has got to go.”

Our beautiful and successful children are doing well.  Our wonderful son winters in beautiful Charleston, SC.  He is still single but I cannot imagine how much longer he can remain so.  Every mother up and down the eastern seacoast is trying to hook him up with her daughter. Most of the girls he meets in Charleston are named from the bread group. Just last week he showed me photos of him and Biscuit, him and Muffin, and another one of a precious young lady named Cookie.  He is ardently pursued by some of the finest plantations in the south.

And what can I say about our daughter and her family.  They maintain their beautiful home in LaGrange, Georgia.  Our grandson who is not even three has been accepted into a fine preschool where he is an honor student.  He can cut on lines and do puzzles so brilliantly.  Everyone says he reminds them of me.

Just a few more highlights of our year:

Dan ran with the bulls in Paloma in the fall. (I did not.  I stayed in the spa for three days!!) We went skydiving in the Grand Canyon.  Something you must try.  We returned to our usual vacation hot spots where we own timeshares. (Belize, Maui, and Milan)

And of course, we who have so much, must share with humanity.  We spent four weeks in India in the hottest part of the summer.  I taught Castillian Spanish to the diplomat’s children and Dan led nightly sing-a-longs outside the embassy, where we stayed.  All in all, I think we made quite a difference!

In closing, I would like to say a very Merry Christmas to all of you.  Until next year,

Very Humbly yours,

the Parmers


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