Posted by: karenparmer | December 27, 2008

Christmas Gathering-Numero Dos


Last Sunday we went to LaGrange for our Christmas celebration at

Mr. Parmer’s house. 


 (My dear mother-in-law, Zephine Parmer,  passed away two years ago in December.  She had Alzheimers for at least ten years prior to her death and we sure miss her at Christmas) 


 Christmas at the nursing home 2001

We got to LaGrange in time to attend the 11:11 service at First Baptist. What an awesome Christmas service it was.  Here is a picture of Charlie (OF COURSE) after the service


 The stage had this beautiful little fireplace, candles all around the altar.  It was just so warm and inviting!  Dan and I both truly felt like God showed up at that church service.  His presence was there.


 The Cottle family after the church service.  Did we ever get lucky with this son-in-love?


After church we went to Mr. Parmer’s house for a great lunch and lots of laughter.  (That’s pretty much a requirement at any gathering there!!)  Dan’s sister cooked lunch.  All I had to do was show up with a honey baked ham.  (I can handle that!!)



 “GG Earl, I can fix your tree to make it more pretty.”


Charlie & NeeNee


MawMaw & Charlie


Sunday night we did the coolest thing.  We went to the Explorations in Antiquity Center and did the Shepherd’s Walk.  It was so cold.  We were all bundled up. BUT that place is awesome.


Here’s the mission statement of the museum:

“To transport the visitor across the sea thru the ages to the earlier times and places of the Judeo-Christian heritage in the Middle East.  The archaeological remains can help understand earlier periods and rediscover the hopes and fears of people from long ago.  Our museum can help the visitor find meaning from the amazing archaeological discoveries from the biblical world.” 


I highly recommend the experience.  What an awesome thing to do at Christmas.  It’s almost impossible to fathom the world at the time of Christ’s birth.  We almost felt like we were walking in that time!!

Well, Charlie was a trouper because we were there for over an hour.  He was so bundled up that you could hardly see him.  There was a rooster walking around and that was Charlie’s favorite part. He was quite the noisy little creature. 



 Kept remembering the verse when Jesus told His disciples he’d be betrayed

before the rooster crowed.


He wanted to hold Baby Jesus.cimg3182


I wish I could remember what this part was???


Can you say COLD??


I’ll just call this picture “Son-In-Law in a cage.”


This picture was in the shepherd’s tent.  Charlie loved it.  We all want to return to the center when its WARMER and we can have a second look!!!


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