Posted by: karenparmer | December 28, 2008

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

Christmas Eve began with brunch at Tami and Brint Smith’s beautiful home.  No one can do Christmas Eve brunch like our dear friend, Tami!  It is just perfect.  In our group of friends, Tami is definitely “the hostess with the mostest.”  We didn’t make pictures this year….(My camera was at Katie’s house) but we don’t look that different from last year.  So here’s last year’s brunch picture.  (Just add a few more wrinkles on me and voila…2008!)


We went to the Christmas Eve Service Wednesday night at FBC LaGrange.  Another beautiful tradition for Christmas.  When all the candles are lit, the church goes dark, and the congregation sings “Silent Night”… just gives me goosebumps! 


This is not a very good picture but I just had to post it.  This is the second year that Charlie has helped his dad welcome the congregation at the Christmas Eve service. Chatty-Cathy Charlie had lots to say up there.  (He might be a preacher himself!!)

Then it was hurry back to Douglasville so we could get ready for Santa.  (Katie, Chad, Charlie, Matt, and Mr. Parmer were all here Christmas Eve.)  Here are some photos Chad made of our Charlie Bell as we were getting our Christmas Eve dinner ready.



We were a lot more excited on Christmas morning that Charlie.  When he woke up, we were quick to remind him that “IT IS CHRISTMAS.”  He loved his toys.  There is just no way to describe how much joy that little guys brings into our lives.  He loved the Winnie the Pooh toy, his Jesus toys, his movies, his stocking, etc.etc.


We adults mostly loved our morning coffee!


Santa left a pineapple that he brought all the way from Hawaii!


I hope Santa left make-up in my stocking.  This natural look is not good for me.  Better for Katie!


Charlie was glad to play Santa for us when it was time to pass out gifts. (This was a job that was formerly held by our resident elf, Matt, when he was younger.  Passing the torch….)


In between opening gifts, Matt was on his laptop.  (Technology has gone too far.)  In his defense, he left Dec. 26th for 14 days in Europe and he had lots of work to catch up on.)  BUT the laptop at Christmas…Please!!  Notice Frizzy is caught up in the excitement.  He says “It’s my 15th Christmas and I can’t help but notice that I am left out of the whole present exchange.  Did NO ONE get my name??”


It’s Mr. Parmer’s 88th Christmas and he is still sharper than most of us.  (Not actually much of an accomplishment–but we are so grateful for his mental and physical health.)


We discovered Little Man had a fever later that morning but he still had a great Christmas Day!

Christmas afternoon while Charlie was napping, he played Scattergories.  I looked around at the mess that was knee-deep all over my house and thought about straightening it up……

No, it will be there tomorrow….

but they will not.



  1. It looks like you all had a wonderful Christmas! I hate that we had to miss out on Tami’s brunch this year. We will be there next year. Charlie looks so cute. I know he had a GREAT time with all the Christmas festivities!

  2. Hi Karen:

    I did not realize that you and Dan were at church at Christmas Eve but should have known you would be there. I didn’t get to go out in the crowd to speek to folks afterward as we had to reset our handbells for the second service. We loved hearing Charlie greet the congregation with Chad during the first service. Charlie is so precious (I know I don’t have to tell you that) and we so enjoy Chad, Katie and Charlie as part of our FBC family. Mary Beth, Garrett and Saralynn enjoy the Cottles as well. We are excited for them about the news of baby sister!

    Mary Beth has been after me to begin blogging saying “Mrs. Karen does it and so can you” so I venturing out as of today.

    Christmas at our house was magical this year as we watched Saralynn who was really in the sprit this year.

    Hope you and Dan have had a great start to 2009 and will enjoy God’s blessing all year!

    Becky Carter (Mary Beth’s mom)

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