Posted by: karenparmer | January 4, 2009

Just how long can a Christmas tree stay up?


My Christmas tree has been up for about a month.  Obviously its not real.  I mean its not imaginary, but you know, its not the sweet smelling tree of everyone’s childhood memories.  It just makes me happy, sitting in here in the living room window.  So I am thinking it will be MY BIRTHDAY TREE as well.  I have a late January birthday and my tree might just still be right here keeping me company.  That is my rationale for keeping it up.  (Plus Charlie loves to turn it on for me and he just might be back in a week or so….)    Also Frizzy has taken to lying under it.  Never before has he done that.  (I think he’s trying to make us feel guilty because he didn’t get ONE present this year. )  We were leaving for dinner tonight and we couldn’t find him anywhere. He long since gave up coming when we call.  Finally I looked in the living room, and there under the tree was Frizzy.  So the tree is definitely up til we redeem ourselves and get Frizz a gift.  BAD PARENTS!!


As Frizzy is 15 years old, we really should try to make every Christmas special for him.  Ever since the grandchild came along, Frizzy just hasn’t risen back to his seat of honor!

(…as the tree is my witness, Frizzy, I promise to buy you a treat at WallyWorld next week.)


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