Posted by: karenparmer | January 5, 2009

With all of this horse poop, there has to be a horse…

I have been asked about my situation so many times lately that  I have decided I will blog about it once and that will be that! 

 I have thoroughly enjoyed blogging and facebook, especially during the last month.  It has been a great distraction for me.  I can wile away hours right here in front of the computer.

  I have always thought of myself as very positive, very upbeat, and an eternal optomist.  I love the following story about the eternal optomist. 

There were twins born to a lucky family.  Two little girls.  Alike in everyway physically but their personalities could not have been more different.  One of the little girls found fault with everything and everyone, while the other one could not have been more positive and encouraging.  One birthday, the parents decided to give the girls gifts befitting their individual personalities.  The negative little girl got a room full of Disney princess dolls, castles, dress-up clothes, DVD’s, everything Princess related.  The other little girl got a room full of hay and horse poop.  On the morning of their birthdays, the first little girl came whining and crying down the stairs saying that she did not like her Cinderella doll because her eyeshadow was the wrong color.  The second little girl came dancing and singing down the steps, covered in horse poop and singing at the top of her lungs.  She cried, “With all this horse poop, there had got to be a horse somewhere.”

The older I get the more I am convinced that my reaction to every event in my life is more important than the actual event.  Some people’s cups are half full and some are half-empty and even that is spilling out!!! 

So all that said, to say that I am trying real hard to stay positive during this latest  phase of my life.  I have a growth in my throat (real simple layman’s description)  and the doctors think its benign.  At least they thought it was as long as it wasn’t growing -but it seems as its getting bigger. Hopefully I will have the surgery soon to remove it and get on with getting on….

Most days I am fine, but every now and then I have a meltdown. My dear sweet husband has had to put up with a lot of tears from me lately. I do NOT want to talk about it.  I think that no one wants to hear someone else’s sob story because everyone we meet is going through something.   I am only writing about this because I feel like its the honest approach.  If I have seemed distant or not as “Pollyannna” as I usually am, its for this reason.  I am confident that regardless of what happens, I am in God’s hands. 

I appreciate all of my friends and family member who have been so supportive.  My cup is more than half full, I am convinced that somewhere in all of this horse poop there is a  horse and that God will be glorified if I allow Him to be.  I am praying for a miracle and the miracle I am praying for is that I will just stop stressing and let God handle this for me.

With all of that off of my shoulder, I am ready to start tomorrow-Monday.  Because after all, tomorrow is another day.

…Do not be anxious about anything but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.  And the peace of God which transcends all understanding will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus….

Philippians 4:5-7



  1. Bless you! You are such an inspiration to me. Thanks for being so positive about everything. I’m praying for you! I know God has a plan and He also has the “big picture”, something we’re not privy to. (Thank goodness). If we can do anything for you, don’t hesitate to ask!

  2. Oh, Mrs. Karen. I didn’t know of your current trial. However, as discussed in Sunday School yesterday, we can consider it joy to go through trials. That means that we are in God’s hands, and He is molding us, readying us for completion! Of what completion we are not sure, but the presence of trials proves that God is real, and that He doesn’t sit idly by, watching life go on. No, He molds and shapes us. Sometimes that shaping isn’t so fun, but we can be SURE that the shaping is by HIS hands, and that we are HIS!

    I’m praying that your shaping moments make you even more overwhelmingly beautiful. Thanks for being transparent and for allowing us to watch as you are shaped. I hope one day that my finished product looks alot like yours.

    Mary Beth

  3. Even – or especially – in trial, you’re words are such a blessing! What a beautiful testimony you have given. Thank you for sharing. You’re in our prayers (and sweet Dan, too!).

  4. It goes without saying that prayers are being offered up on your behalf. Don’t stop with Philipians 4:5-7, please go to 8-9. You’re right about “everyone is going through something”, but we are honored to pray for your miracle as well. I think the horse is right around the corner!


  5. I love you mom!

  6. We are praying for your miracle. Thank you for sharing and giving us a chance to pray specifically for you. You are a ray of sunlight or rather “son light” to me. I’m glad that we are friends; please know that I am here for you.

    Love, Carol

  7. Karen- thank you so much for sharing – you are such an inspiration to me! Please know that I am praying so hard for you!! I am confident that the outcome will be positive – it is sometimes so tough to wait and see God’s plan but always remember that his plan is PERFECT!

    Know that I am hear if you need anything! After all you did listen to me ramble on about my recent dilemma! :o)

    I can’t wait to dive into Esther with you!!!

    Love- Tiffany

  8. Lance and I will continue to keep you all in our prayers during this difficult time. God’s trials are never easy!! They always say he never gives you more than you can handle. I always try to remind myself of this. Keep thinking positive. You are such an inspiration to your friends and family! We love you!
    Kim and Lance

  9. Karen I will continue to pray for you as well. I’m sure it is somewhat of a relief to get it off your chest even though I can understand your not wanting to discuss it. It is in God’s hands and I pray that he takes away your anxiety over it for that I can relate to. I’m glad the blogging has been your outlet b/c it has kept me busy here at home. I love you, Erin

  10. You are in our prayers, Karen!!!

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