Posted by: karenparmer | January 6, 2009

Nail tripping, to wax or not to wax

Okay, admittedly yesterday’s post was hard to write.  So today I am definitely lightening the load!

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A few weeks ago I went to the nail shop to get my nails done.  I have worn acrylic nails for so long that my own poor nails are about the strength of single ply toilet tissue.  I don’t like the actual experience of going to the nail shop.  I just like the outcome….well usually.  Anyway I went to  fairly new place, got a young lady, whose business license had a lots of Vietnamese characters but seems like her name is Laura.  In the course of the HOUR + that it took for her to do my nails, she occassionally asked or told me something.  I was never quite sure.  I must have said, “Excuse me.” ten times.  She talked so low and I honestly don’t know if she was asking me if she could paint swastikas on my nails.  I may have said sure.????  How would you know?  Then when I thought she was about through, she murmured something about my eyebrows.  I think she was asking me if I wanted to have them waxed.????  I said, No thank you.”  She looked at me and said, “why you no like eyebrows waxed?  Then she and the girl six seats away started in doing that very low talking when you are sure they are talking about you.  They were probably calling me a crazy American woman with a unibrow…So I have found myself looking in the mirror a lot lately and trying to decide what do I need to do with my eyebrows?  If the “professionals” in the nail shop think they’re bad, maybe I need help!!

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 Anyway here’s my favorite Bon Qui Qui nail shop skit. If you have ever been to a nail shop, you will relate and cry with laughter! 





  1. That is so funny! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  2. Where DO you come up with these things! I have sooooo been there.

  3. So true and so funny!

  4. the same thing happens to me. EVERYTIME!i have huge eyebrows that are just begging to be waxed apparently! too funny!

  5. On the eve of my wedding I was having my nails done in the perfect pretty pale pink. The lady “in charge” came over inspecting me and asked in a very assuming way – “Wax you lip??” When I said – aghast – no thank you (I’ve never had to do anything to my lip), she looked at me in the same crazy way. 24 hours later I was still staring into the mirror, wondering worriedly if I was the only one who didn’t see the mustacioed bride.

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