Posted by: karenparmer | January 10, 2009

I will go through this valley if you want me to

The other morning I was getting ready and heard this song on the radio. It’s a Ginny Owens song and its absolutely beautiful. The words just reached out from my rocking radio station 104.7 THE FISH and grabbed me.  I have been humming (definitely off key) the words to this song for days.  So today I went to YouTube to find the song and stumbled across this awesome montage.  It’s a beautiful tribute to the brave men and women who protect our country. 

We all have “our bag of rocks to carry around” with us.  Everybody we meet is going through something.  But none of us are going it alone.

An old friend told me her mantra a few weeks ago.  She said her goal was to be the fountain, not the drain.  I have fallen in love with that phrase.  Not totally embracing it all the time as I wish but what a goal, to spurt out goodness instead of sucking the life out of situations….

My prayer:

God, as I go through valleys in life, if I feel  alone, You are not the one who left.  You are always there with me.  Through valleys and mountain top highs, I am never alone.  Please help me to be the fountain, not the drain to others I meet along the way.

Be with our troops who everyday are in harm’s way.  I just go about my business here and often without a thought of those who face the horrors of war.  Please put your armour of protection around those who defend our very way of life.





  1. I love that song, too. And it is always good for us to remember. Thank you for posting that video and song.

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