Posted by: karenparmer | January 11, 2009

Slipping through my fingers

IT”S A G-I-R-L!!!!

Christmas Eve we found out that Katie is having a baby girl.  She’s coming in late June and her name is Molly Kate Cottle.  (Charlie has dubbed her Molly Cake.)  I am so excited about having a new grandbaby.  I must admit I am excited that she’s a SHE!!!  Katie and I went to see Mama Mia when it came out this summer.  When I heard the song, “Slipping thru my fingers”, I knew I’d have to do a montage of it.  AND then when Katie announced she’s having a girl, I couldn’t wait to put this together.  This is in honor of all of us mamas and our daughters.  It’s a special bond.  I am so excited that Katie and Chad are blessing us with another grandchild.  And a little girl. Although we are all in agreement that our male grandchild is perfect, we are going to try real hard to love this  female one too….LOL
This is dedicated to our Little Miss Priss, Molly Kate Cottle and for my baby girl that will be her mother.

What an obnoxious link below.  It should work if you click on the top one???? Let me know if its invisible!!!!

<a href=”

(I have had to keep it on 1TRUE MEDIA because YOUTUBE keeps stripping my songs.  (That whole copyright thing is just a pain……)  AND I was NOT willing to find another song.  The songs came first in my “creative process” and the pictures came second.

Hope it makes you smile and if you are a young mom, enjoy every minute  of your kids and if you are one of us seasoned moms,  just celebrate the fun years you had with your kids!



  1. Hey there,
    I am having trouble viewing this. When I clicked on the link on your post it brought me to a page saying I had to sign up for a free account…I did and then I was not sure how to view the video. I’m sure its super duper cute and wanted to be able to see it. Im not sure if it is a link issue or an user issue 🙂

  2. I absolutely loved it! What wonderful memories we have made. Molly Kate is a lucky little girl to be “one of the girls”. Charlie wanted to know where his is – rotten little turkey. Love you to the moon and back!!

  3. Wow KP – I wish you were my Creative Director!!!! Awesome!! That is the first time I have heard Molly Kate’s Name!!! I have a Addie Kate Pruett!!! Frank’s Grandmother was Carrie Kate! And I have a niece with the same name as your friend’s sweet dear baby – Anna Kate!

  4. Love it! Molly Cake is already so blessed and she isn’t even here yet!

  5. That was so cute! I loved it.

  6. Wow! That was beautiful…cried through all of it. It brings back my own memories.

  7. Such a sweet video, I loved it. Mom and I just watched Mama Mia the other night and she cried through this song!! You three girls are going to have so much fun with Molly Kate gets here!!

  8. Nice video.

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