Posted by: karenparmer | January 25, 2009

Boys, Boys, Boys!

What a fabulous time we had last weekend.  The fun started on Sunday when we got to take Charlie with us to church.  He loves his little  friend, Holden. They looked like two little prep school guys! (His grandmother, Carol, is also one of my oldest friends.  We go back together to the fourth grade when our grandmothers were friends and neighbors.)



Charlie got hugs from good buddies, Parker and Ella-Bella!!!


After church we went to “GG Dolly’s” house (Charlie’s name for my mother.)  Great Sunday lunch, home cooked.  One of my favorite cousins, his wife, and their three boys were here for the weekend. Charlie was so excited about seeing them.cimg3435

Charlie really looks up to his cousin, Isaiah, who is six.  They share a love for Woody, Buzz, and all things Toy Story.

 We started out with a trip to the mall to ride the train.  I had four tickets, four little boys, perfect math….But just as we were loading, Charlie decided MawMaw HAD to ride too. 


 So I crammed myself into the first car where you can ring the bell and took several thrilling turns around the train track.  I rang that dang bell for all it was worth!!!


No trip to the mall is complete without some of those delicious overpriced cookies!!!


After the short mall trip (four little boys~it doesn’t take long for that fun to be over!!) we headed to our house.  We had a marshmallow fight (don’t ask).  The children were not even involved.  It was adult instigated. I took one for the team.  Got hit right in the cornea.  (Several hundred dollars to the opthamologist on Monday, drops, and he told me what I suspected all along–it was fine.)   But even that didn’t put a damper on our fun!

In case you didn’t see Katie’ blog, here’s a short version of the video of the marshmallow fight.

What the video doesn’t show is how fast the kids were cramming the dropped marshmallows into their mouth.  AND our “older than dirt” dog was suddently filled with renewed life and he chased around the floor gobbling them up also.

Somehow in all the mayhem Dan and Charlie found time for a little shut eye.  My two little clones!!!


Even though I was only looking through “my good eye” the rest of the visit, it was a blast.  Then Monday morning my niece, Kelly, came with her two little boys, Sam and Ben.  We now had six little guys in our home ranging from six years old to almost three months.  There was never a shortage of a little guy to “catch and release.”  Grab ’em up, kiss ’em quick and let them go back to “boy fun.”

Here’s a few pictures of all six of them.  (I was actually at the eye doctor when Dan made these pictures!!!!  )I asked him if he couldn’t have gotten a better picture?  His comment was something along the lines of “Have you eve tried to get six little boys all looking in the same direction at one time?”



Isaiah, Abram, Ezra, Sam, Charlie, and Ben

I can’t wait til June to see how our Molly Kate is going to fit in with all of these boys!!!

“A little boy is all God can use to make a man.”



  1. I’m very envious of you and all your precious boys. Can’t wait until I have a little one to talk about. I know, I know, my day is coming! (Hopefully soon!!!!)

  2. Molly Kate and her pinkness will soften those boy edges, for sure! So glad you all had fun!

  3. Oh how precious! What a day it must have been for you all.
    Don’t you just love those little ones!! Thanks for the pictures of Holden and Charlie…they do look ready for prep school 🙂

  4. It looks like you all had fun and kept really busy!! I know that boys are such a handful. Molly Kate will be one tough cookie after begin around all those boys! They will have so much fun with a little girl. Lance and I can’t wait for our little Davis to arrive. I think he is going to be a wild man because he never stops moving!! 🙂


  5. Love the pic of Charlie with his big boy belt on and his polo with kakis. So so cute! Happy Belated Birthday!!! I know you enjoyed spendin it with your Charlie and Katie and Molly Kate. By the way I like our title under your blogroll 🙂

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