Posted by: karenparmer | February 5, 2009

Nashville, Here I come….at least that’s what I think TODAY

I have an appointment on Tuesday, February 17th in Nashville with Dr. James Netterville to remove this THING behind my throat.  At least that is what I think right at this minute.  Why is this such a hard decision???  This has gone on way too long and my husband has been way too patient and I am way ready to get on with getting on.

So, we will go up on Monday for a late afternoon pre-op appt. and then I am scheduled to be at Vanderbilt Medical Ctr. at six a.m.  If all goes well, I will only spend one night.  We should be “homeward bound” on Wednesday. 
I have prayed so hard about this decision.  I have really sought to hear from God.  Well, last night at my Beth Moore Week 4 Bible Study, I think I finally GOT IT!!!  It was all about fear and how crippling it can be and how fear can rob you of fulfilling your destiny. 

I don’t think having this surgery is fulfilling my destiny, by any means.  But I feel like God’s voice was clear to me that I need to make a decision. 

I am over myself and this thing!!!  I want to be the fountain, not the drain.

And who knows, maybe I will be able to sing really well when its all over…… After all this doctor is the doctor to the Nashville stars….

God is good and He is good all the time, not just when things go my way….

Nuff said!



  1. praying for you. MaryLu

  2. Good choice! I think the sooner this “thing” is gone the better you’ll feel all together!!!! I thnk I would have made the same choice you did!! I’ll pray for you and I know God is in control!!!! He never lets you down! He has the big picture!

  3. Yippee Skippee! I am glad you have peace about it! Lots of folks are praying and we will ALL be so glad to put this behind us!!! Just load up your Netflix with chick flicks because we’ll have lots of girl time once you get home!!! I love ya!

  4. So glad you are gettin this thing outta ya. I believe you def. made the right decision! We will definately be praying for you. Get this Doc to hook me up with some Nashville singers. If I make it big you can be my backup singer.

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