Posted by: karenparmer | February 6, 2009

Customer “no-service”

Yesterday I went to ______ (all names have been changed to protect the innocent.)  to have my new phone turned on.  There were three people in the back where you go to “have service.”  When I walked up for my turn, I was greeted by a surly look that said, “why are you bothering me?”  In my perky, hyper-way I proceeded to tell her that I’d like my phone turned on.  She again looked at me like I was bothering her.  She never said, “thank you”,  “have a good day,”  “Kiss my a____” or anything in the way of conversation. NOW I am NOT picking on _____________.  It seems like more often than not, that is the new “customer-no-service”.  My point is this……With unemployment as high as it is, with highly qualified people that have been successful in their jobs, they are just no longer needed due to down-sizing, poor market, etc.  HIRE THESE PEOPLE WITH THE RIGHT ATTITUDE.  If I owned a company, an employee would have the three strike policy.  Everyone is allowed an “off day” but if everyday you show up to work with no other goal but to look annoyed and bothered by the very customers who support the company, then TO THE STREET YOU GO.  Let those surly, bored to death, NO SMILE left in them, people be the ones without jobs.  Hire the people who know how to smile, look interested, and generally glad to be alive.  If  XXXX amt. of people are going to be without jobs, my new government policy would be to hire the friendly, helpful people and let those surly folks go home and wait on their unemployment checks.   In my daddy’s words, “give you something to cry about.” 

Why am I on this rant  today??????

For every grouchy person, there are so many out there working hard to put on a good face despite poor sales, poorer pay, etc.  I think its just when you come in contact with the “NO-SERVICE” people they tend to leave their “grouch” all over you….. My goal is to “kill ’em with kindness.”



  1. Hilarious and I totally agree. What’s with all the rude peeps out there? They should be thankful to have jobs I agree!!

  2. I soooo agree! There is no reason for people to take their sour attitudes out on their customers.

  3. You couldn’t be anymore on the money. That is why I am always overly friendly to them. I get a little louder with my “Pleases” and “Thank You’s”. Some of them figure it out but most don’t have a clue.

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