Posted by: karenparmer | February 13, 2009

God is still in the Miracle Business!!!!

Yesterday I got a phone call that I have so waited to receive.  My great nephew, Ben, went to the doctor yesterday.  Little guy has been in the world since October 31 and he has gone way too many times to the doctor.  BUT the BEST news!!!!  Ben had a hole in his heart that was possibly going to be repaired with OPEN HEART surgery.  Not something you ever want your infant to experience.  Well, the doctor can see where the hole was, but ITS GONE!!!  Ben still has his feeding tube but I just know that will soon be gone.  (His little swallowing box was injured when they had to put all the tubes down his throat TWICE when he had his first heart surgery.)  The doctors assure Kelly and Great that the swallowing issue will be resolved.  He can swallow, some of the liquid just goes into his lungs.  BUT I just know that will soon be a thing of the past.  He is truly our little miracle.  Right now I am wishing he was here so I could just kiss all over him.  He is a love bug!!!!

Dan and I in “hog heaven” just loving on our boys, Charlie, Sam, and Ben!!9055_487449_12341448733331


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