Posted by: karenparmer | February 15, 2009

What DID I do to deserve this???

What did I do to deserve this??  I keep asking myself this question.  There is no answer.  The question to the answer if this:
What did I do to deserve people being so kind, so thoughtful, so considerate, so prayerful and on and on…

Dan and I are finally getting away……we have joked about the need for an escape so much lately.  Well, tomorrow we are getting away but unfortunately its to Nashville, TN, home of Vanderbilt Medical Center.  There I will have surgery on Tuesday morning.   If everything is “textbook” perfect, I will be released (that sounds like a prison term….) in 23 hours.  Well, not exactly 23 hours (I hope NOT  b/c that would have me checking out before daylight.)  But that’s how they refer to a modified out- patient surgery.  So bottomline is “best case scenario” is  we’ll come home on Wednesday but I am doubtful of that just because I am not sure I want to be that far away if there’s a problem.

But I have such peace about this surgery.  I believe I have heard from God.  AND regardless of what happens, I will be fine!!!

The thing that has absolutely blown me away is the outpouring of love, support, prayers, etc. from so many people.  I DO NOT deserve this, of that I am sure.  God’s grace is sufficient and when you need to scoop out more than your usual share, then its there for the taking and accepting!!!  His grace comes in the form of inner peace and He often uses his “foot soldiers” to help spread it around.  AND boy, have I seen some footprints of God all around me.

I came home from work one day this week and there on the table was the most beautiful flower arrangement.  I couldn’t imagine who sent it and couldn’t wait to read the card.  Well, it came from the Mt. Pleasant Soccer Association, where Matt works.  I was so humbled by the fact that they thought enough of my baby boy to send HIS MAMA flowers.  OK, I cried like a little girl.

Aren’t they beautiful.  Today is Sunday and they are just as beautiful!!!


Another day I came home and got a package out of the mailbox.  It was a little square package and it shook.  Couldn’t wait to open it.  It is a beautiful Brighton key fob with a cross on it.  Its a beautiful key chain but I did take the cross out to wear for a few times.  It was from an old dear friend who is in my Sunday School class.  I made a comment last week about how pretty hers was and she bought me one just  to let me know she would be praying for me on Tuesday.  

cimg3651  Thank you Gail White.  I would wear it in surgery but I think they pretty much like you completely naked!!  Devoid of clothing, ornaments.  Just that crunchy hospital night gown.  OOOHHHH, I will think about that tomorrow! 

I have gotten so many phone calls, email messages, and sweet cards.  I don’t deserve such royal treatment.  But I am truly blessed by the well wishes of my much loved friends and family.  I am going to tell my doctor on Tuesday morning that all he will need to do is just stand there with the knife (Lordy, can’t believe I said that……I think its a scapel, but I am not feeling real good about that term either!!) and God will direct his hands.   That man is bathed in prayer.

and last of all….What did I do to deserve this man who has put up with me for all of these years?  Well, actually, we both are lucky in love and we know it.  He will be my escort, confidant, supporter, cheerleader, for the next few days. 


 I do not want my kids to come to Nashville.  Its just too far and this is no big deal.  So they will be home keeping the homefires burning till I return.  Got to feel for Matt.  He’s going to be “dogsitting” Frizzy here at our house.  We have this houserule here that whomever sees the dog poop first has to get it up.  Well, poor Matt, he just needs to watch where he’s stepping for the next few days because Frizzy is old and often incontinent!!!  It will happen to us all if we live long enough!!  I’ll leave you with that wonderful thought!





  1. Praying so hard for you and your precious family. Be careful traveling and I will be waiting on a call about your GOOD news as soon as surgery is over.

    All of our love from LG- Jamin, Michelle, Isabelle and Grayson

  2. You are the sweetest lady I know and yes you DO deserve all the love and attention.

    I’ve been thinking about you all day and will be saying many prayers for you Mon and Tues especially. I’ll be checking Katie’s blog often for the updates and can’t wait to hear how smoothly everything went. Just think of how fantastic it will be to have all this behind you!


  3. Just know that we are all praying for you and can’t wait til you’re back on your blog and filling us in on all the wonderful details! Remember, “let go and let God!”.

  4. So glad to hear that you are doing good.

  5. So glad to hear Katie’s updates. We have been praying for you!

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