Posted by: karenparmer | February 24, 2009

I am coming back into the “land of the living.”


I feel sort of like I have been on LOST PLANET for one week.  There’s something about going into a hospital, being put to sleep, and then the subsequent drugs they give you. It has made the last week have a sort of fog over it all.  Everything went like clock work as far as the surgery on Tuesday.  I went back right on time.  It took less time than they had expected.  I was in excruciating pain for about twenty hours and then Wednesday around lunchtime I felt remarkably better.  So the doctor came in and said, “lets spring you out of here before the hospital kills you.”  And with all the scary stories I’ve heard about staph infection and all other maladies, I was glad to leave.  So we left Nashville on Wednesday and arrived home about eight o’clock.  All around were horrible stories of tornadoes, bad weather, well I just felt it was more divine intervention for us to get our tails back home to Douglasville, safe and sound.  We got to sleep in our own bed.  I felt so well on Thursday, most of the whole day, my voice was working fine, and I was in minor discomfort.  I was so busy bragging on myself as the model patient and new poster child for Dr. Netterville.  But by Friday morning, Iwas signing a different tune.  Actually I was squacking, whining, and generally being a big baby.  Everything hurt, even parts I was unaware of  having.  So I spent the better part of Friday, Saturday, & Sunday  in the fetal position on the sofa.  Dan, (who has always told me he was a doctor????) insisted on a walk around the circle late Sunday afternoon.  I have to admit it helped.( Gosh I hope he doesn’t read this because ” he’ll be all that and a bag of chips “because it was his idea!!!!)

Well, today is Tuesday, officially one week from the blade!!!  If I am going for drama, I could say the surgeon’s delicate scapel……Hey I like the sound of that.  I might write fiction!!!  I digress and today I am going to try very hard to go  COLD TURKEY on the pain meds.  I have important decisions to make like~~~ “which Academy Award winner do I want to watch first on pay per view????” ” What DO I need for Dolly to get at the grocery store?”  “How many days have I had these same PJ’s on??” My life has been so complicated lately……  I am actually trying very hard to be humorous over something that hasn’t been too funny but if you can’t laugh at yourself, then you don’t deserve to laugh at anyone else!!!!

I have been blessed through all of this.  Now I am going to sit here and cry like a big baby.  It must be the drugs leaving my body because I cried last night at the second watching of the Academy Awards.  (ONE speech I DID NOT CRY through was Sean Penn’s speech~~~ I get so tired of actors using award’s ceremonies for their political platforms….) I am really digressing now!

But I have been blessed beyond measure at the outpouring of love and support for me AND my family during these days.  I have had so much time to lay and think about things while I have been recuperating.  This whole surgery thing for me was of course, a big deal, but on the grand scheme of life, it was a blip. I have cried so many tears about a woman’s death who lived in LaGrange.  I never knew her.  She was a little older than me, the mother of four children, and diagnosed several years ago with pancreatic cancer.  She passed away and was buried yesterday. Through her whole illness, she continued to teach her bi-weekly Bible study classes to hundreds of women in LaGrange.  (something she has done for years.)  Katie has spoken so highly of her since they moved to LaGrange.  Her family actually had several tragedies this past week.  AND over and over in my head, I wonder WHY HER???  Why someone who is SOLD OUT for you, God?  She’s given it all????  I have to keep reminding myself that the mysteries of  God are one of the reasons He is God and I am not!!!!!Well, there are several other reasons…..too…….I have learned so much in my Bible Studies that I have done during the last few years.  One thing Beth Moore repeatedly says is that the mysteries of God are as important as the things we know.  The things that are NOT written in the Bible are just as important as the things that are.  I struggle with that but am trying hard to understand. 

A friend included this in a card she sent me last week and I am claiming it right now!

Matthew 14:27 “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you.  I do not give to you as the world gives.  Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.”

If you enjoy hitchhiking on to other blogs, you’ll have to see the beauties that Katie posted on her blog.  Charlie let me take his lovey with me to Nashville.  The lovey and I had quite a time as chronicled in Katie’s blog.

Here’s a few gifts that brightened my days~~~

My chick bag from Carol Addison.  Doesn't she look like fun?

My chick bag from Carol Addison. Doesn't she look like fun?







cimg3757A beautiful bromeliad I am going to try very hard to keep alive!!!


Another beautiful arrangement that Dolly is going to have to get over here and separate before I kill it!!!!!

….and now the pressure to rally is really on. Late tomorrow evening, Charlie, Katie, and Chad will arrive.  Chad has a church mtg. in north Atlanta on Thurs. so they are coming here.  I have to be better then because Charlie thinks only MawMaw can put him to bed, change his diaper, bathe him, etc. etc.  I have been put on notice by Dan and Dolly, my wardens,   that I have to “let it go this time.”  BUT we’ll see….They can’t watch me all the time……


Come on up, MawMaw, put me to bed!!!


Here’s where we may run into a little difficulty. He usually picks out so many books for me to read……We’ll figure that out tomorrow!!

"look Mawmaw, I am going to sleep."
“look Mawmaw, I am going to sleep.”

I love this picture.  It was made last Sunday before we left for Nashville the next day. We went thru the whole bedtime ritual.  Read a gazillion books, hugged, kissed, prayed for half the planet, and finally I said, “Now Charlie, its time to go to sleep.”  He replied, “Okay, Mawmaw, you can leave now.”  In other words, I’ll go to sleep when you, THE ADULT IN CHARGE, gets out and leaves me alone!!!  I am sure there’s a lesson somewhere in there for another day……



  1. Glad you are feeling better! You need to come visit Charleston sometime soon. (Before blazing heat and bugs appear)

  2. So glad you are doing better Karen and back to the blogging world. I know Charlie and Katie and Chad can’t wait to see you.

  3. I am glad to hear that your surgery is over with and that you are well. Take care of yourself! = )

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