Posted by: karenparmer | March 4, 2009

Happy Birthday to my Number-one-son-in-law

Happy birthday to Chad, numero uno son-in-law, okay, only son-in-law.  But I am sure he would be my favorite no matter how many I had!!!

Katie and Chad have been married for 4 1/2 years.  And I honestly can’t remember when Chad wasn’t in our family.  Of course, I don’t remember what I had for lunch today either!!  But we have so much fun together.  We tease him unmercifully and he’s come to expect it.  That’s just how we roll around here at the Parmer household.  The first Christmas Katie and Chad were married, we did some silly gag gifts.  We were shopping at Dillards and saw the ugliest pleather UGA coat.  It had a big bulldog on the back and the red wasn’t really red, it was sort of orangish!!!  It was B A D!!  Anyway we wrapped it up and gave it to him.  (Dan said that was a naughty thing to do since he was brand new to the family.)  I am not sure what went through his mind when he opened that ugly thing, but he was smiling and saying thank you.  I had to laugh and spoil it all.  (and then to make matters worse, I told him to give it back to me.  It cost fifty dollars and it was going back to the store.  It was just a joke!!!!) 

Good times!



OOOH, Chad, you are going to be looking good with this baby on!!!


Okay, now take it off.  It’s going back to the store.  I am NOT paying fifty dollars for this ugly thing!!  I wish the pictures captured the “orangenish” of it, not red!!!

Chad is an excellent youth minister, works hard at his job.  And he works hard but he sleeps even harder.  I have never seen anyone that can go from standing up, laughing, talking, drinking real coffee to drop dead asleep so quickly.  I cannot believe the youth or a youthful parent hasn’t shaved Chad’s head on a long bus trip because when he goes to sleep, he is G O N E!!!  Last week when they were here, I wish I had made a pic of Chad asleep on the sofa.  He doesn’t move.  I asked Katie if she ever checked him to be sure he was still alive!!! 


This was made several years ago. It looks like Katie may have caught some of Chad’s sleeping ability.

Chad is a great daddy to our little man, Charlie.  Last Sunday, after preaching two sermons and I am sure, knowing Chad, being UP all night, he stopped by the grocery store to get carrots.  NOT to eat, but so that when he got home, he could make a snowman with Charlie.  Because everyone knows a decent snowman has to have a carrot nose!!!!  I love when he and Charlie go out “treasure hunting”.  Chad has a metal detector and they love to go out in the woods and hunt for buried treasure.  Any old piece of buried in the earth trash is treasure to Charlie.  But mostly the memories of “treasure hunting” with his Daddy will remain long after the discovery rusts away.

So here’s to you, Birfday Boy!!  We are close in our family.  Real close.  You have to have a sense of humor to survive us and he has risen to the cause.  WE LOVE YOU, Chad-O and wish you a great day!


Destin, summer 2005


Destin, June 2006

The family that vacations together, stays together.  I mean really stays together!!

**the fine print…..They DID not sleep in this configuration.  Poor Matt had the pull-out queen sofa in the den.  The mattress was horrible but I forced them into these photo ops in the mornings!! 




  1. YOU is one CRAZY family! Happy Birthday to Chad. Our Chad has a birthday in April. I only hope I can be as creative!

  2. that is sick. real sick Karen. Matt has scarred us all at times though. Happy Birthday Chad.

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