Posted by: karenparmer | March 5, 2009

Humbly grateful or grumbly hateful~what’s my attitude?

Some days are good and some days are gooder. I am s l o w l y getting better everyday.  Once again, I need a dose of patience so that I remain humbly grateful instead of grumbly hateful.  I am not a good patient , mostly because I am impatient.  I am actually a doctor’s worst nightmare.  I don’t do what they say.  I don’t even listen very well.  But all that said to say this.  I am counting on Saturday, March 14th to be the day I am 100 percent again!  BECAUSE we are having our little man’s family birthday party here.  It’s going to be a pirate theme for Cap’t Charlie.

AARRGGGH!  Fire in the hole! 

 He has been talking about his pirate birthday party since right after Christmas. His other precious grandparents took them all on a pirate cruise this past summer and that fueled the love affair with pirates.  (He’s too little to have been snared by Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Carribbean. Too scary for him!)


The Pirate ship Grammy and Papa took them on.


I am not sure the pictures do the heat justice.  Katie said it was so hot. You can see that Charlie is almost sweating off his tatoo!


Here’s Cap’t Charlie doing the chicken dance.  (Somehow I can’t imagine pirates taking time out from looting and raiding to do the chicken dance!!)

Then the next Saturday, March 20th four families are going to honor Blake C. and his new bride to be, Brittany with a dinner party at Martha’s house.  We met last night for our first planning session and its going to be so much fun.  Blake is the middle son of one of my best friends and he is just the most incredible young man. 
~So got to be 110 percent by then!!

THEN the week of SpRiNg BrEAk, we are going to Charleston for a family vacation.  (Chad will NOT be with us because he is leading his youth on a mission trip to Jamaica~He’ll be off doing the Lord’s work and we’ll be wasting away on the beach!!!  BUT we will be missing him!)

I am so excited about this trip.  My niece, Kelly, her two boys, Ben(our miracle child) and Sam(her wild man!) are going with us.  Katie and Charlie, Dan’s 89  year old dad, David, Dan’s brother, Brenda, Dan’s sister, Matt, Dan, Dolly and I will be all together for the week.  I am still looking for the perfect beach house on Isle of Palms.  We need six bedrooms so its not easy to find, but I’ll find it!  Matt, who lives in Charleston, is also looking!

So got to be 120% by then. Here’s a few pictures of the last family vacation trip we took to Charleston in September 2007.  What a blast we had!


This was the whole group except David, Dan’s brother.


Here we are, the three women on the trip (i.e. chief cooks and bottle washers)


This is the WHOLE GROUP ( I am in it although just as a shadow!!)

Then to top the week off, we are going to go to Matt’s church in Mt. Pleasant.  The week we are there, the church is hosting a performance called

We are going to get tickets to see it.  I think it must be similar to The Passion Play, in that it depicts some of the life of Christ. Matt absolutely loves his church there.  He cannot stand to miss on the weekend.  I am so proud of his committment to live a Christian life.  Then Dan and I (and part of the group that is still there on Sunday) will go to church with Matt on Easter.

So much to look forward to in the future.  Lots of reasons to behave and do what the doctor says~so that I can be 150 percent when Molly Kate makes her debut in June.

Katie is six months pregnant and glowing.  (part of that glow is nausea and sinus infection and back ache~not been a fabulous pregnancy but she’s hanging in there!)


But as tomorrow is not guaranteed, Life is to be lived like eveyday is your last.  So with that said, its time to head to my quiet time in the kitchen with just my Bible, my notepad, and my Jesus. 



  1. You certainly do have a ton to look forward too in the next few months!! Hang in there and keep getting better! And Katie is absolutely adorable in her 6 month picture. I can’t wait to see her and all of you!

  2. Karen – You are one busy woman!! So glad you are beginning to feel better. We are looking forward to the dinner party for Blake and Brittany. Katie looks precious in her 6 month picture. I cannot believe it has been 6 months. I feel like I am just about to POP anyday! We will see you in a couple of weeks. Take it easy and make sure you REST!!

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