Posted by: karenparmer | March 8, 2009

Wallering in it

cimg3810cimg3641One day last week I was at lunch with Katie, Chad, and Charlie.  Charlie was doing that thing that three year olds are infamous for~~going from lap to lap, sometimes even via the underside of the table.  He was bored with the O’Charley’s scene, tired, and ready for a nap.  So the constant motion was his entertainment.  Chad said, “Where we are from in South Georgia,  we call that wallering!!!”  I love that!  Wallering!  That’s what Charlie was doing, wallering.

If I was Websters, this would be the entry:

wallering, verb, – rolling around in the muck, inability to “light” and stay put.  i.e. The pig was wallering in the mud.

Okay, lately I have been wallering.  Wallering.  Everyday I wake up, I am determined that this is it!!!  This is the day, I am back to my old self!

I am tired of wallering in this post-surgery muck.  It’s springtime.  We have officially sprung forward (I personally am much better at falling back….but ….) It’s time to get on with getting on.  I don’t like to talk but I can still get out there and enjoy this spring.  If you are a friend I usually communicate with, I am so sorry I have been so quiet on my end.  I feel pretty good.  Just my voice gets tired. (That sounds so whiney!  Whose voice gets tired unless you are an opera singer???) I am not good on the phone right now.  Don’t know why, but I know that everyday is better.

I keep hoping I will improve my listening skills because I don’t feel like talking very much.  BUT no, instead of listening better, my brain is thinking about what I wish I was saying!!! 

Enough wallering. 

The pictures on this blog are of my Charlie “wallering” around.  It’s cute when you are three years old, but not cute for me….

I love that little man so much!




I was following him around with the camera the day I made this picture.  He said, “Stop making my picture, MawMaw, I need to poop!”  Got to love that!



  1. Not surprised you don’t like to talk much. When I had vocal chord surgery it took me a while to get to where I wanted to talk. It was just so much effort. Believe me, this WILL get better!

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