Posted by: karenparmer | March 11, 2009

A movie about windshield wipers?

Dan and I love to watch movies.  Its our vegging out time in the evening.  We do Netflix two-movies-at-a-time plan so there is usually a movie lying around for us to watch.  And boy, have we seen some “dogs.”  Occassionally we hit a homerun and get one that is pretty good.  Most nights we just stick the movie in the DVD player and even if its bad, we just sit there and critique it.  BUT rarely do we get up and turn it off…..

Well, I had seen the previews of FLASH OF GENIUS with Greg Kinnear (who I think is just so stinkin’ cute).  It’s loosely based on some guy who invented the intermitten windshield wipers and got screwed by the big auto makers.  OK, now whoever thought a movie about windshield wipers would be worthy of a full length feature film??

Just because Hollywood makes a dumb movie and Netflix delivers it to my mailbox, WHY DO WE WATCH IT?

My movie tastes goes to absolutely lame movies at time.  Here are a few of my recent favorites.  Some of them I could watch over and over just because they make me laugh.  I wish they would leave out the gross language.  I can usually judge a movie in the first five minutes.  If the dialogue consists of the F word more than one time in the beginning, I usually figure it doesn’t have much of a plot……

Stupid Lame Movies that Dan and I will just sit and laugh at….

Knocked Up

Mr. Woodcock

Wedding Crashers

I now Pronounce you Chuck and Larry (maybe that’s not the title…but its so funny.

I do not like movies that resemble real life very much.  If it has sadness, people dying, that’s NOT entertainment….

I can read the paper if I want that….

What a random blog……

That one scored a “thumbs down” from me.




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