Posted by: karenparmer | March 13, 2009

It’s my party and no one’s invited!

This was my first full week back at school and I think it might have been too much!!!  Only one more day to go….I usually just work part time but I have tried to make up the time I missed during the last week so I have been “full-time” this week.  AND if that wasn’t enough, I decided to do whole class lessons and teach each of my student’s whole classes…..Oh well, just one more day and then~~ TGIF tomorrow!!!

Well I am pretty wiped out by day’s end so I knew I wouldn’t be able to go with Dan tonight to the Atlanta Board of Realtors Million Dollar Banquet downtown.  We had such a great time last year.  We had a stretch limo pick us up, drive us to Buckhead where we picked up the Number One agent and took her to the party. There was champagne (which I don’t even like, but it was fun to drink it in the limo!!) That was the night the tornado blew through downtown Atlanta and we were totally oblivious!  We were being picked up by the limo driver and going on to the Capitol City Club, because the revelers weren’t ready to go home.  Meantime the city of Atlanta was blowing away!!!  But it was sort of a Cinderella fun filled night.

But this year, due to economic downturns there was no limo, just Dan leaving in his trusty Acura to go all by himself to the banquet. 
And gosh, he was looking good when he left.  All dressed up in his tux with a brand new black tie and cumberbun.  Those ladies better leave my man alone down there tonight~~~~

I have always loved Black Tie events and this was the very first time Dan ever left the house in his tux without me!!!!


So as he left, I threw myself a little Pity Party.  BUT I didn’t invite anyone else to come.  I had it all alone and now its all over. 

BECAUSE there is going to be a real party here this weekend.  We are having a family birthday party for Charlie Bell here Saturday.  Its mostly adults and just a few children but I am so looking forward to it.   Going to be a Pirate Party because that’s what Captain Charlie wants!!!

Here’s a few pictures of some of the things we’re going to have at his party.



Captain Charlie modeling his pirate hat last weekend!


His shirt that my sweet friend, Stephanie did for him


The dining room table


The sign I made for the front door.


Pin the Clothes on the Pirate game


The sign for the Walk the Plank game!

Dan just walked in the door.  He’s so tired that I think he was already getting undressed in the car but here’s his pic as he walked in the door.


It’s night night time now!!!

Got to go get rested up because the Cottles are arriving tomorrow!!!

….and that party will be a party!!




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