Posted by: karenparmer | March 15, 2009

It’s a Pirate’s Life for Me

Katie, Chad, and Charlie arrived Friday afternoon so they could help us get ready for Charlie’s Pirate Party on Saturday.  We were so hoping for pretty weather.  Last weekend it was 80 degrees on Sunday, the week prior it snowed, and well today, cold and wet. One thing about Atlanta weather, if you don’t like it, stick around, bound to change!!!

But nothing could damper Charlie’s spirits!!  He woke up Saturday morning saying he was ready to open his present.  (Katie and Chad got him a wonderful pirate boat, complete with compass, sound effects, cannons, etc. )  He was told he could open that present in the morning before his party.  When Dan and Chad dumped the contents out on the floor, the term “some assembly required”  just didn’t do it justice.

BUT two handymen, Chad and Dan got it put together with lots of Charlie help.  Here is Charlie first thing Saturday morning!!


He even slept in pirate pajamas!


Some assembly required???


Captain Charlie’s toy assembled.  Now nothing to do but wait for the party to start!


Maybe just a little more practice firing the cannons!

The party was mostly old family and friends.  We had 30 adults and 15 children.  I could not believe how good the kids were.  Too cold and wet to set a foot outside but they were great.  I know I didn’t get pictures of everyone because it was kind of crazy at times.  But here are some of the sweet family and friends who braved the nasty day to help celebrate Cap’t Charlie’s Third Birthday!



Check out the lovely day!  This is my favorite cousin Richard’s wife, Julie, mother of Isaiah, Abram, and Ezra. (Charlie loves these “cuzzins” so much.)

Julie is laughing because I greeted them at the door wearing an enormous wiggly eye over my left eye.  (IF you have suffered thru my blog for very long, you might remember that we had a marshmallow war the last time they were at our house and I got smacked really hard right in the cornea!!!)


What a cute pirate cake!!


Sweet Pregnant Kristi dropped by with a gift from Gracie.  (Gracie was having a girly tea party Saturday for her birthday party that afternoon.)  Katie and Kristi let the two bumps collide.  Molly Kate meets Jamin for the first time!!!!


Ella-Bella wearing her pirate dress with her hat full of gold!!


Parker and Ella ~ Fire in the hole, Matey!


Charlie and his future wife, Ava.  We believe in arranged marriages in this family.  Ava’s mommy and Katie have been friends since before birth so we think its only fitting that Ava and Charlie should marry!!!!


They go together like peas and carrots and ..


Ava shares in his wild sense of adventure!!!


Isaiah, Jeran, and Breydon looking for gold coins.  This would have been a lot more fun outside in the grass.  Not very creative hiding gold coins in carpet!!  But the kids were troopers!!!


Sweet little guy, Javen, sitting in Cap’t Duvall’s lap.  Vince is a captain in the US Army, flies black hawks and has done one tour in Iraq.  Well, Charlie told him that HE was a real captain, not Vince.  I think they got in a male bonding conversation about which one was really a captain!!!  Should have told Vince NEVER ARGUE with a THREE YEAR old, you will lose everytime!!  Vince is a great guy and a wonderful daddy to Ava.  (Charlie’s father-in-law?????)


Charlie’s “other grandparents”, Papa, Grammy, and Uncle Corey.  Corey gave Charlie the cutest pair of real leather cowboy boots.  Cannot wait to see him wearing those!!


GG Dolly and Ben~I cannot imagine doing a party without her help. 


My great-nephew, Sam playing with the car tracks.


Sarah with Caroline.  Sometimes the party fun is just too much for little ones!  Her brother, Holden is Charlie’s little buddy.  I got to hold Caroline for a while and she is so snuggly.


Pirate booty for Holden!!!


My great nephew, Ben, our miracle baby! 


“It’s my party and I can say AARRGHHH if I want to.”

It’s just such a shame that no one loves you, Charlie!!!!

Happy Third Birthday!!!



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  2. Well, since you believe in arranged marriages ….. we need to discuss Molly Kate and Jamin. I told Katie already, I promise we will whip him into shape and make him the perfect gentleman!

    The pic of our bumps in so funny, you need to email me a copy! Sure wish I could’ve stayed longer to visit ……


  3. we had so much fun. I’m so glad we got to come up. We are so doing an arranged marriage between Charlie and Ava. I’m hopin Charlie can tame the wild woman.

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