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Thirty years is a long time to do one thing…

May 29, 2008~I will retire from teaching….

Wow!  It’s finally here.  I will retire with thirty years although I started in August of 1976.  (I took several years off along the way when Katie and Matt were little.)   It’s official.  I got the paperwork today from the state department.  All of a sudden I feel so old.  RETIRED!!!  That just sounds so old, so finished, so washed up!!!  I don’t know what I want to “be when I grow up.” I don’t think I want to do anything school-related when I retire.  I might not want to do anything in the way of a job.  I want to be able to see Charlie and Molly Kate whenever I can.  I would love to go visit Matt in Charleston more.    I would love to do some meaningful volunteer work.  I would love to teach women’s Bible studies but I am not real sure I’m qualified for that.  (However my mantra is, God doesn’t call the equipped, He equips the called!!!)

I had so much fun with the old school pictures when I posted them back in the fall.  So I thought I’d spend the next few days sharing what will surely become collector’s editions somewhere along the way!!!


I was Miss Harper this whole year.  (Dan & I became engaged in the fall of my first year teaching.  I think he wanted to marry me because he realized how much money I was going to be making!!!)

This group of second graders in 1976-77 would now be 40 or 41 years old!


I was absent the day this group photo was made.  I came back that fall as Mrs. Parmer!  Dan and I lived close to Cumberland Mall and I trekked out to Lithia Springs everyday that year!!!


I taught Kindergarten for the next two years.  This was back in the “good old days” when Kindergarten was split into morning and afternoon sessions.  One group came in the morning, left before lunch, and a fresh batch arrived in the afternoon and rode the bus back home.  This was “back in the day” when all that was expected of kindergarten kids was to hopefully recognized the numbers, letters, colors, and write their names.  We played games, sang songs, (off key, yep, that was me even back then!) and had lots of circle time!!


This was the same year.  Either the morning or afternoon group??  This was in my permanent phase.  That hair was something else…Just not sure what??  79-80-1

This must have been in my cowgirl phase.  I am wearing some dress straight out of Little House on the Prairie AND boots!!!  I taught about twenty kids in the morning and another twenty in the afternoon!  Good times!!


Oh my goodness, what photographer thought this would be a good idea for the school pics that year?  Every child’s picture was this format.  I sure hope theirs were cuter than mine!  At least that awful permanent had grown out!  But not one to disappoint….it will reappear!


I think these twenty three kids that I taught in one session were easier to teach than a roomful of fifteen kids now….Don’t know why that’s so…but it is.  Didn’t sign my contract at the end of the year because Katie was coming in September!!!


28 kids!!!  No second grade has 28 kids anymore!!!  This was school year 81-82.  I look a lot smarter in this picture than the one before because I finished my master’s degree while I was out with Katie the year before!!  (OOOPS, I thought I looked smarter till I realized I had that awful perm again! ) Must have made getting out of the house easier with a baby!!!  What WAS I thinking??

I taught till December the next year when Matt was born.  I stayed home and played mommy till Matt was 18 months old.  I returned to Annette Winn and taught first grade there for one more year. 84-85

Then I transferred to Arbor Station because it was so close to our house.


My first year at Arbor Station. 1985-86.  Again a large group of second graders!  I totally look the part of “old maid schoolteacher” in this picture.  It must have been the pressure of getting two kids out the door every morning!!!  At least I didn’t have a permanent!

I felt my kids were slipping away too quickly so I took the next year off.  Matt was in three year old kindergarten and Katie was in “real school”~five year old kindergarten at Arbor Station.


When I returned to Arbor Station, I started what would be a ten year tenure in Kindergarten.  It was all day then, no split sessions!  I had twenty-five kids in my classroom!  Unheard of in kindergarten today!!! 

OoPs, there’s the permanent again and I think I have the same blouse on as in the previous picture.  I must have though that was “real purdy!!”


This year we all went to Arbor Station together.  Matt was in kindergarten and Katie was in second grade.  AND me, I had bowl hair, that’s all I can say about that.  It’s just a big ole bowl full of curls and the only thing worse than the hair might just be that outfit!!!

I’ll post more pictures and continue in this exciting saga later. 

… be continued

I know, you can hardly wait!!!



  1. Congratulations Karen! That must be a nice feeling…..I don’t know if I can make it that many years in the classroom…..we shall see!! I loved looking at the pictures. 🙂

  2. Keep these coming! They made me laugh outloud!! I love all your old school pics! Congrats on retiring soon, so much fun to be had!!!

  3. We are going to have so much fun being “retired” together!! I love the pictures, especially the picture with the picture in the background -nice!

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