Posted by: karenparmer | March 31, 2009

…and the saga continues…

89-90Here’s my kindergarten class 1989-90.  Check out those pigeon toes on me!  Once again its just my hair and my class!!!  It’s funny how I remember some of these kids just like it was yesterday.  I hope they remember my hair!


Wow!  I think I counted 24 kids!!!  That was a big class!  This picture was made during my “I love to sail” phase!!!!


This was our last year to all go together to elementary school.  Katie was in fifth grade and Matt was in third.  How did I ever get out of the house back then???   I can barely get myself out now……


This was 93-94.  My trusty side-kick in many of these pictures is Bev Vaughn.  She was my parapro for years.  We had some good times working with these kids.  It was always good to have another adult in the room with you~someone to laugh OR cry with!!!


School year 95-96.  Cynthia Battles and I started working together that year.  Bev retired.  This was a great year.  These kids are in college and I hear from lots of them via facebook!


96-97.  That red dress was one of those that screamed “schoolteacher.”  You could have fit in it whether you weighed 110 pound or 200 pounds.  Many of my teacher friends blame their weight gain thru the years on those “fat clothes” that ONLY teachers wore.  No belt, no waist, so how would you know you were packing on a few extra pounds each year??


1997-98~My last year in the classroom.  I had some difficult situations that year and I knew it was time to do something different.  I went back to West Georgia and added on the E.S.O.L. endorsement to my certification!

So for the last eleven years, I have traveled among several schools and taught E.S.O.L.  No group pictures anymore.  But here are just a few, I will close with.  These are some of kindergarten kids from North Douglas Elem.   This was “W week.”  Every week I made pictures of them with something that began with the “sound of the week.”

Some of my favorites:


David, from Nigeria, speaks an African dialect.  He couldn’t decide on the Dolly Parton wig or the Annie one!!!



Ievgen, from the Ukraine, who speaks Russian, chose the Dolly Parton look.

One of my all-time favorites is T week when the kids don the bad looking  teeth.  T is for Teeth!!!!


Annette, whose home language is Spanish!  Check out her grill!


Jemerly, also a Spanish speaking little girl, proudly showing off her grill!

…and its time for me to leave before I do psychological damage to these children……..Teaching English to speaker of lots of other languages has been interesting!  English is a difficult language.  If the English language made any sense at all, lacksadasial would have something to do with a shortage of flowers!

Two months and counting down…..
I wish I knew what I wanted to be when I grow up…….




  1. You are such a good teacher. Now you can help me teach your grandbabies!!!!

  2. Karen:

    I did not realize you are hanging up your teaching shingle this year – congratulations! Hopefully you’ll be able to come to LaGrange more often.

    Have a wonderful Easter – we look forward to seeing you and Dan at FBC LaGrange soon.

    Becky Carter
    Mary Beth Pelt’s mom

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