Posted by: karenparmer | April 15, 2009

Egg-citing Fun @ HBC

Katie and Charlie came up Saturday morning so that we could all leave together to go to Charleston for our family vacation.  (We sprung Dan out of the hospital (, got lunch, and Katie and I went to the church for the annual Easter Egg Hunt.


Mawmaw and Charlie heading off to hunt eggs!


They did a great job of dividing the hunting areas.  Charlie was in the birth to three year old area.  Most of the kids in this area didn’t even try to find the eggs.  They just picked up rocks, sticks, etc.  They were so cute!


Charlie & his mommy.  (Chad left early Sat. a.m. for a mission trip to Jamaica.)


Grandmas and their grandkids!  We have all gone to church together for over twenty years.  We raised our own kids together in various church programs and now we are all “swinging grandmas.”


Katie grew up with these young ladies at church also.  Now they have kids about the same age.


Charlie just wanting to “share the love” with Addison.  I don’t think she was too keen on his advances.  BUT you can’t blame a little guy for trying!

Charlie found the prize egg.  Actually I found it and put it in his Easter Basket.  All the other kids were just walking all around it.  I hope that wasn’t too bold of me.  BUT hey, somebody had to find the Prize Egg!!!


Hippity, Hoppity, Easter’s on its way!!!



  1. Hope yall are having fun at the beach. Looks like yall had fun at Easter.

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