Posted by: karenparmer | April 20, 2009

Spring Break 2009

I seem to be running about a week behind on the Parmer Happenings!!!  Here’s some photos of our trip to the beach Spring Break 2009!

We left for Charleston Sunday morning.  (not even 24 hours after I sprung Dan from the hospital)  What a tropper he was. I knew he wasn’t feeling great because he consented to ME driving and HIM riding in the backseat and playing with Charlie.  It seems like it took three days to get there but it’s always that way when you are heading to vacation.  We had a deadline.  Matt really wanted us to go to his church with him for the 6:15 Sunday night service.  So we got there in time to literally throw our stuff out of the car, get back in the car, and go to Seacoast Church with Matt.  Awesome service.

The week fairly flew by.  We had 13 people in the beachhouse most of the week but there were two nights when there were 18 of us. 
All family~And all fun!


 Just the four of us on the last night!


Beach fun.


We had an egghunt on the beach.


Most of the “Motley Crew” on the last night!


The view from our deck was great!


Great and Sam at Patriot’s Point


Charlie sharing the love with Sam on the beach.


Ben and Me!


Dan and I~front of the beach house…How fast the week flew by!


Matt, Isaiah, and Abram


Leaving my cousin’s house (he lives five min. from Bobby Jones) to go to the Masters on Sunday.



  1. What a great family pic of the four of you!

  2. it looks like yall had a great time. I’m jealous!

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