Posted by: karenparmer | April 23, 2009

Pretty in Pink and Blessed by the Best

Sharon Goodwin, her daughters, Missy and Jessica (whom Katie grew up), and Carolyn Peebles hosted a beautiful brunch shower for Katie on Saturday morning.  I honestly do not remember better food at a brunch or prettier presentation.  The “sprinkle” was held at Missy’s beautiful home.  I don’t think I have wrapped my brain around the reality of having this little girl….I am just into Charlie’s world and making him happy and secure about the new addition .  Well Charlie is going to get lots of male bonding with his daddy, his grandads, and his great granddad, Uncles Corey and Matt.  We ladies of the house are going to be the queens!   And stick together we will.  We will have Molly Kate figuring out 25 percent off and an extra 20% by the time she is one year old!

Here’s a few of the photos I took on Saturday.


Great food!


Three of the hostesses with Katie.  Carolyn, the other hostess, was off for her hospitality committee job at church.  One of our precious church members was buried Sat. afternoon and she was on the committee that fixed lunch for the family. So after Katie’s shower, Dan and I head to Fairburn for his funeral!


Katie, Molly Kate, and me!

(Molly Kate is peeking out the navel!)


Carol and her granddaughter, Sophia!


Here’s Carolyn, the other hostess, talking to Sophia!

I am so excited about the little princess who will be here in late June.  We have truly been blessed.  I am anxious for Katie to schedule one of those boutique 4-D sonograms so the whole family can go in and have a “sneak preview” of her cute little self!!! 



  1. That diaper cake is ADORABLE! That looks like it was a beautiful shower! Wish I could have come. But wedding duty calls.

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