Posted by: karenparmer | April 25, 2009

MawMaw and NeeNee Camp

Charlie has been with us for a week.  We call it “MawMay & NeeNee Camp!”  What a busy, hectic, fun-filled week this has been!  I had to work three days this week so Dolly kept him when I worked.  She is incredible!  Over seventy years old and she has more energy than I have!  AND she is so good to Charlie!  We all just over-indulge him because we can!!!! No apologies for that either!!!  When I say over-indulge him, its rarely about material things.  Sure he likes a toy as much as the next child, but what he truly wants is just your time!!!  He loves to sit on the sofa and watch a movie with Dan.  The more times he’s seen it, the better it gets.  This week it was The Fox and The Hound.  That was one of Chad’s favorite movies when he was little, so its endearing that Charlie loves it too!

We started our week off with Katie’s “sprinkle” on Saturday at Missy’s house.  Charlie stayed with “Aunt Martha” while Dan and I attended a much-loved member of our church’s funeral.  We went to church on Sunday and Charlie got to see his SS teachers that he adores.  Sunday evening we went to see Ava!  Charlie loves Ava, as he does all little girls, but she’s not too keen on his advances!!


“Ava, look at the cute bunny!”


“Okay, if you didn’t like the bunny, how about this buff body??”


This water shooter (from the dollar store at the mall) was the best purchase of the week.  Actually went back today and bought six more of them because they are so much fun!!)  We played outside one day for hours with these things.  I’m also sending him home tomorrow with a couple of them so he and his daddy can “shoot” his cats and whatever else little boys like to shoot! ~”Run Woody and Buzz!!!”


You know you want one of these too?  There’s something of the little kid left in all of us~the love of water and summertime!!!  What else could you buy for one dollar and a bucket of water that could be more fun???


(I AM SOOOO Getting a new camera before Molly Kate gets here!!!  Obviously the one I have is a piece of junk!!!!)

We baked sugar cookies one night.  (Not exactly like a good grandma would do~these were the kind that you buy, put on a pan, and pop them into the oven.  I just rolled them all together with a rolling pin and we cut them out with cookie cutters!)  Recipe??? What recipe? 


The look on his face?  Well, that’s because he said they were too heavy and he was about to drop them!!  Charlie was popping the cookie dough into his mouth faster than I could get it on the pan.  He kept saying it was making his tummy feel better…..


Chocolate pudding and whipped cream.  What happens when two chemicals collide!!!  Not too much “made from scratch” stuff around this grandma’s house!!


Cleaning him up so I can return him unharmed tomorrow.  Back to his mommy and daddy.  He misses them even though he loves being here with us.  I am so thankful that we get to spend so much time with Charlie.  The fun thing is that I can drop everything and just “do the Charlie thing.”  That’s the luxury of being the grandparent.  My house looks like a bomb exploded so that will be my next week project but for now …… it’s still MawMaw and NeeNee Camp for about eight more hours!!!

…and this old grandma needs to go to bed so I’ll be rested up for what promises to be a cRaZY DaY tomorrow….Leaving to go to LaGrange at 8:45 for Katie’s shower there, return home to get ready to go to a blacktie affair tomorrow evening, the Swan Ball….and I am just the ugly duckling!



  1. Well I know Charlie had a blast with yall. And Ava just loves playin rough with Charlie. She likes boys! When you get done cleaning the bomb that went off in your house can you come to Alabama and clean up mine? 🙂 Surely I didn’t make this much of a mess when I was little right??

  2. I know he had a great time!! You forgot to mention that you convinced him to potty train- YAY mawmaw!! It was WONDEFUL seeing you today! I know we will see you much more when Molly Cake arrives!!

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