Posted by: karenparmer | May 31, 2009

Out to change the world-or at least the bedsheets

Friday, May 29th was my official last day of employment with Douglas County School System.  I have been going to school for the better part of 50 years.  AND I never got out of elementary school!  I am so excited about this new chapter in my life.   The summer will be like every other summer for me because I have always had summers off as a school teacher.  It will seem different in August when teachers go back to school but I hope I am having so much fun with our new granddaughter and our grandson that I barely notice. 

My family pulled a “fast one” on me last night. They had a surprise retirement celebration for me here at our home.  I thought something was up but I just figured the kids were coming and we’d go out to dinner or something…..BUT oh no, they planned it all out.  They called the guests, ordered the food, cleaned the house, etc. etc.  And they orchestrated the whole thing in a week because they were waiting to see when Matt would be able to fly in from Charleston.

Here are a few pictures from our fun night.


They put these balloons on the mailbox.  It was crazy in our neighborhood yesterday because our next door neighbors had a huge “jumpy” thing in their front yard for a party they were hosting.  Our guests sort of wanted to go over and jump too.  But actually the only one that jumped was Charlie!!!



An old friend of Matt’s, Brett Hicks.  It was so special that he came over to spend a Saturday night with a bunch of old people.  We have loved Brett for a long time!!



Charlie was so good.  He was the only child there.  But in all the commotion in the  kitchen, he got his foot stepped on.  So we had to retreat to the bedroom for a little comfort!


“It’s okay, Uncle Coach Matt, I know you didn’t step on my foot on purpose.”



They had card tables set up in the foyer but it was a lot more fun just to see how many people we could cram around the dining room table!! We had lasagne, rolls, and salad from Sam and Roscoe’s.  And fabulous desserts from Sweet Teresa’s.

RETIRED 047By dessert time, this was one tired little man who had no nap!!!

RETIRED 052A little swipe of the icing on the cake invigorated him!!!

RETIRED 060My kids were awesome, Matt had cleaned house all day and Katie was one of the kitchen hostesses.  Martha and Maryann cleaned up the kitchen.  I wasn’t allowed to help.  Now, that’s being rotten!!!!

RETIRED 070Here’s our precious Mr. Parmer, 89 and still going strong!!!  He can hang out with the best of them!


This is a picture of most of the guests.  Chad, Charlie, Julie, and Dan are not in this one.  Dan was behind the camera.


Buddy was photographer so Dan could get in at least one picture!!!  I was obviously surprised or otherwise I would have moved the irons off the top of the back wall unit in the downstairs den!!!!

RETIRED 075Sweet cards and gifts.

Thank you to all my friends and family who came and celebrated with me.  I love you all!  I don’t know what I’m going to do next, but with good friends and my loving family, it will be great!  I am sort of thinking into being a full-sized, mature, underwear model…..NAW, not that either!!!



  1. congratulations Karen. Wish we could have been there to celebrate the occasion.

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