Posted by: karenparmer | June 10, 2009

Any day now

I went to LaGrange yesterday to spend the afternoon with Katie and Charlie.  She goes back to the doctor on Friday.  Her due date is either June 20 or June 23.  We are so ready to see Molly Kate Cottle.  Her nursery is perfect except she’s missing!!!  She has so many clothes in her closet that they won’t all fit in.  She must have fifty things with either her name or her initials on it.  (I think I have one necklace, maybe a purse, or two…..What’s wrong with this picture???)  Anyway she is going to be one LOVED little girl.

I got to do one of my favorite things yesterday, read books to Charlie.  He would sit and listen to books ALL day long.  I told him my voice was tired and that I honestly couldn’t read anymore.

Junedays 003

This is one of his favorite books, The Great Gracie Chase.  Katie says it reminds her of their dog, Gracie (who is in a better place  now~not heaven, just a home where she can be the queen she was meant to be!!)

Junedays 008

(and yes, Charlie has gobs of clothes.  The reason he is shirtless, is that he is spending a lot of time on the potty trying for real results~i.e. poop)  And it just seems easier when he has on less clothes….)  Yesterday Katie, Chad, Charlie, and I were all in there with him while he was having one of his big sit-upons, and it occured to me that maybe Katie should take her crockpot in the bathroom and just prepare dinner there.  They log a LOT of time in the bathroom!!

Junedays 022I made this pic just before I left.  I am hoping its one of the last ones of
“just the three of them.”  These are precious days as they wait for Molly.  Charlie’s little world is about to turn upside down and sideways because he has been the center of a lot of universes for a looong time.

Chad had come home from church, donned his fishing attire and he was taking Charlie (with his Shrek fishing pole) to go fishing.  (What self-respecting fish would bite onto a lure dangling from a  SHREK pole????)

Junedays 033

Charlie is enjoying these last days to be his mama’s only one. He loves her so much!  He’s prone to “wallering all over her.”  (I love how Chad says wallering is a South Ga. word, but if you are Southern (PRAISE GOD right now) you know what wallering is!!!

Junedays 036Junedays 035

Chad is practicing his “home delivery techniques” just in case Molly decides to come rapidly at home.  (I just hope if he’s been fishing, he washes his hands really well.)  Most likely, with Katie and her mother’s history of labor and delivery, they will have time to walk to the hospital before MK appears.  (Actually Dan and I could probably set out walking from Douglasville when we get the word she’s in labor and have time to arrive before MK’s birth)

Katie and I personally cannot relate to all you women out there who get to the hospital, have two contractions, push two times and have a baby.  Just keep those stories to yourself!!!  We Parmer women take our time!!  Perfection takes longer!!!




  1. How about we get Charlie and Saralynn together so they can teach each other to potty train. Saralynn has what Charlie’s working on down pat, but will NOT tee-tee for us. She’ll do it all day at day care, but not at home. Go figure. But, she’s nailed the part Charlie’s working on. What’s up with that? Maybe we can get the two of them together and they can teach the other.

  2. Cute Post! Charlie is so cute. I can’t wait for Davis to snuggle up for a good book! Katie looks great, I know you are all so ready for Molly Kate to get here. She is just waiting for the perfect time to arrive. We can’t wait to meet that precious princess!

  3. I love your pictures! Y’all definitely had a fun day! And Chad practicing is cracking me up!! I cannot wait for her to get here! And I am so proud of Katie and her patience, it has to be tough waiting. But for sure MK will be perfect when she graces everyone with her presence!!

  4. Geez I hope Chad doesn’t have to deliver that baby. C’mon Molly Kate let’s do this.

  5. Bet you are dying with excitment! Probably on your way to LaGrange to take care of Charlie.

  6. haaa haa! you are too funny. Maybe Chad can share some of his technique with Chet. He was so scared he was going to be delivering Jack by himself on the side of the road! i don’t kknow if Jack was my fastest baby yet, or slowest. I had 2 full days of contractions before I had him, but they were irregular and didn’t hurt. I finally woke up at midnight with contractions 5 minutes apart, and Jack was here at 3:20am! Quite frankly, my war stories aren’t anything in comparison to having to be in labor a looong time. I can’t even imagine! my best wishes to Katie in the most speedy delivery ever! Besides, she halfway there already! by 6-7 cm, they consider that “transition”! We’re so excited for you, can’t wait to see pictures!

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